DAC310S,DAC360S CNC Shears Controller

Product Details

DAC-310 Shear control range single-axis programmable shear control solution

The DAC-310 shear controller provides a complete and compact shear control application. Including backgauge control, gap control and stroke length limitation this state of the art electronics based unit makes a versatile solution. 

Whatever kind of positioning is selected, depending on the application you can select either two-side positioning as well as single-side positioning with spindle fault elimination. Referencing can either be done automatically or the DAC-310 will always remember the last position of the system after powering off. 

The backgauge can be moved manually by selecting pushbuttons in 2 different speeds.

With its bright LCD display, the control offers a clear, fast and simple programming facility. The actual and programmed position information is visualized simultaneously; the stock counter can also be displayed at the same time. 

On every step the control offers chaining, retract functionality as well as repetitive strokes. 

DAC-310 features

Bright LCD 128 x 64 display

Backgauge control

Gap control

Stroke length limitation

Actual and Programmed position visualization.

Stock counter

Programmable up to 100 steps

Panel-based housing

Servo control / unipolar / AC two- speed control 

DAC-360 Compact and complete control for shearing machines

The DAC-360 control provides a complete solution for shearing machines. It includes the control of back gauge, cutting angle, stroke length and gap, based on state of the art electronics. 

Beside back gauge control, the DAC-360 automatically calculates the required setting for the cutting angle and gap depending on material properties and thickness. The stroke length is limited for minimal production time and related to the material length to cut. 

Full pressure control for clamping and cutting is on board the DAC-360.

With its bright LCD screen a clear and easy operation is offered. The numerical programming is user-friendly and guides the operator through the programming possibilities.

DAC-360 features

Bright LCD screen

Back gauge control

Retract function

Cutting angle control

Cutting gap control

Stroke length limitation

Force control

Manual movement of axes