ESA 540 CNC Press Brake Controller

ESA 540 CNC Press Brake Controller
Product Details

S 540


Conventional press-brakes (Mechanical and Hydraulic), synchro Hydraulic press-brakes, servo controlled hydraulic single cylinder press-brakes, electri- cally driven press-brakes

Hydro-mechanical press-brakes American style software specifications

Interactive 2d graphic editor for work-pieces and tools data entry

2D graphic display of machine frame, work-piece and tools

Manual 2D graphic identification of the best bending sequence

Programming of the axes positions in tabular mode with automatic syntac- tical checks, automatic calculation of the r, z and A positions and of the bending and crowning tonnage

Windows® like user interface

Complete off-line programming on a standard pc

IEC 61131-3 plc programming language with function utilities either written in il or “c” language, are available for manufacturers

Customizable alarm messages


FPGA integrated logics, surface mounting, fiber optic

Cpu AMD Geode ETX-LX800 500Mhz with 128Mb of RAM

Silicon hard disk (flash disk) for more than 30.000 part programs

2 serial ports rs-232

2 usB port for memory stick

1 ethernet port

2 can open port

Fiber optic interface

Local area network