11M Press Brake Metal Roofing Bending Machine

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China Yawei made 500T11M CNC Press Brake Galvanized Metal Roofing Bending Machine manufactures

China Yawei 11m long galvanized sheet bending machines for metal roofing building material

China 500T12m cnc press brake 6 axis DELEM DA66T DA69T 2D&3D graphical controller

8M 10M Metal wearplate bending machine DELEM DA66T 6 axis 11m cnc press brakes

12m hardox plate folding machine 500T CNC Press brakes made in china yawei AHYW factory

Metal Roofing Bending

Metal roofing can bring a home beauty, durability, and reduced energy costs. Available in countless colors, styles, and textures, this versatile type of roofing has several advantages over standard asphalt shingles.  Metal roofing provides distinct advantages. It's more durable than asphalt tiles, lasting between 30 and 60 years with a lesser degree of disintegration and decomposition. Metal can be more expensive to install, however. It is much lighter than other kinds of tiles, which puts less stress on your rafters and walls.

Yes, some Metal Roofing manufacture can use Roller Forming to produce designed sheet metal roofing, as that's easy and fast to forming certain shape with different rollers, but higger accuracy can not ensure on metal roller forming machine when compared with CNC controlled sycnhro press brakes. China Yawei had designed and manufactures many different kind of large press brake to bending long metal products, most of them are Civil&Structural Engineering Manufactures, 8m,9m,10m,11m,12m long galvanized sheet metal products. Including 10m&12m Residential&Commercial Metal Roofing&Wall Panels Bending, Metal Guttering & Fascia bending,6m metal Garage Doors bending&forming,8m metal Walling Bending, 12m sheet Fencing bending, 4m,6m&8m metal Sheds bending, 4m sheet Water Tanks bending, 10m Galvanized sheet Walling&Cladding Bending, 6m sheet metal flashing bending applications&12m galvanized sheet Flooring bending.

These kind of CNC Press brakes normally need longer sheet bending capacity, but need smaller bending Tonnage compared with common bending capacity press brake, like 4 axis, 6 axis&8 axis 160T8M CNC Press brakes, 160T9M CNC Press brakes, 200T10M CNC Press brakes, 250T11M CNC Press brakes, 500T12M large CNC Press brakes,700T11M big CNC Press brakes bending longer sheet metal material, as metal roofing galvanized sheet bending from 0.55mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm, 2.0mm thin material folding, Max 3mm stainless steel bending with 4m press brakes.

China AHYW Yawei 10m&11m cnc press brake for bending metal roofing prioducts in building factory , DELEM DA66T&DELEM DA69T 3D Graphical controller, CNC controlled anti-deflection table, X&R 2 axis cnc auto bending back gauges, Australia made Lazersafe IRIS Laser guarding as standard, Germany Fiessler&Pilz Laser gaurding.


10m,11m&12m galvanized sheet bending profiles, 1.9mm thin sheet from sheet coil, metal steel bending products

AHYW Yawei 500T12M CNC Press brake for bending 12m Hardox plate DELEM DA66T 2D graphcial controller

CNC controlled hydraulic crowning table ensure thin galvanized sheet bending with high precision


AHYW Yawei 4 axis 500T11m cnc press brake bending longer sheet

If you need mroe details for Yawei china 10m&11m cnc press brakes DELEM DA66T&DA69T 3D graphical bending controller, 6 axis 12m cnc press brakes for metal roofing and other sheet steel products bending, please email us or WeChat online, we can design different kind of press brake tooling system according to your sheet bending profiles.

Yawei Machine Tool is one of the best 11m press brake metal roofing bending machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy 11m press brake metal roofing bending machine made in China from our factory.
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