Ahyawei AHYW 4M CNC Hybrid Pressbrakes 4 Axis

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This Ahyawei AHYW 4M CNC Hybrid Pressbrakes 4 Axis is one new generation&revolutional CNC Hybrid Brakes press machines made in China, also we called servo electrical cnc press brakes, thanks to high technology of Bosch Rexroth dual servo drive&pump system.

This CNC Hybrid Press Brakes are eco-friendly using comparably less energy than a standard pressbrake.

█ General Features of China Yawei 4 axis CNC Hydrid Press brakes 4M factory forale in China:

• Yawei CNC Hybrid Brake Press(Servo pump press brake) reply on positive&reversible turning of servo motor to control oil interchange of dual-pump, reduce resistance loss of reversing valves and pressure loss.

• When idle running, servo motor will control the speed rates of pump, which will get Minium power consumption of idle bending.

• When start servo motor, pump can running with almost no pressure and oil flow, very small starting power.

• When in approach and dwell time,if the system pressure meet setting pressure value, dual-pump will provide corresponding pressure and flow, DELEM CNC controller will give servo motor corresponding speed rates order according to needed speed and pressure, so the whole hydraulic system won’t have overflow loss.

China Servo Pump cnc metal bending machine&pressbrake, each cylinder connecting with 1 servo motor&dual direction pump, each oil tank only 30L oil capacity.


Hybrid Press Brakes Machine Yawei manufacture made in China, the following link to Hybrid press brake machine with Hoerbiger Eprax hybrid system


█ Advantages of Servo Electric CNC Press Brakes&CNC Hybrid Brakes Press Metal bending machines:

• The Fastest: 18-20 mm/sec bending speed, approach can reach 220mm/s, return speed 200mm/s.
• It is a fast operating press brake using servo motors and highly efficient pump.

Eco – Friendly 
• The new series press brakes are eco-friendly using comparably less energy than a standard cnc proportional press brake.
• An average 65% energy saving when used in comparison to standard press brakes.

• Reduced oil level: 70% 
• Bending efficiency 
 Highest bending efficiency is achieved as no pressure is lost through proportional valves.

• Quietest in its class: 63db 
• 3x longer system life time 
 System and pump have 3 times longer lifespan due to high quality components and smart running technology.

• Oil does not heat up 
 Oil is more durable than ever because the oil does not heat up , as the pumping system which does not run when the machine is at stand-by mode.

• Ease of maintenance 
 Y1 and Y2 axes have stand-alone oil tanks. Maintenance is conducted only when required making the machine easy to maintain.

• Energy Consumption

95% less while idle between bends.

50% less during free fall.

At least 50% saving when bending. (energy consumption increases as sheet thickness increases.)

70% less consumption during return of the upper beam.

• No proportional valve.

• No hydraulic pipeline system.

• No oil leakage.

█ Standard Equipment of China Yawei 4M CNC Hybrid Press Brakes(Servo Electric CNC Press Brakes):

• Y1,Y2,X ,R and CNC automatic hydraulic crowning, 4 AXIS

• DELEM DA58T CNC Pressbrake controller with 2D offline software

• Servo Electric CNC Press Brakes configurations

• Original German Rexroth valves.

• Original German Rexroth Variable ratio pump

• High Quality accurate German Heidenhain or Italy Givi linear scale

• Original Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drive for X&R CNC automatical back gauge

• Cnc controlled back gauge with Taiwan Hiwin ball screw&linear guide

• Manual movable back gauge fingers along of bending length

• China top level cylinders with NOK seals

• Amada/Promecam type quick release clamping

• Schneider-Telemecanique electrical components in cabinet

• Side and rear protection safety fence

• Narrow table with European 2V quick change lower die

• Standard EUROPEAN type sectionalized top&bottom tool

• Removeable foot pedal with emergency stop buttons

• 4.1m European CNC Press Brakes 4 axis servo electrical hydrid brakes press China

█ Optional Equipment of China Ahyawei AHYW CNC Hybrid Press Brakes 4m:

• DELEM DA52S, DA66T, DA69T, DA65W, DA58T CNC Controllers

• Wila type CNC Motorised Mechanical crowning

• Additional control of CNC automatic back gauge like



• Side&rear safety fence with electrical interlock protection system

• DSP, FIESSLER,PILZ Laser guard with CE conformity

• TRUMPF, WILA clamping, top&bottom tools.

• American type compatible top tool clamping system and tools

• 1000mm working table

• Extended parking area for 2 front support arms

• Larger daylight opening

• Extra back gauge fingers& front support arms

• Wila Type hydraulic top&bottom tools clamping system

• Special colors and logo

• Special tools design according to customer’s profiles

• Other customized requirements

█ Accuracy of Yawei AHYW CNC Hybrid Brakes Press machines supplier factory made in China

Ram repeat accuracy(mm)


Ram positioning accuracy(mm)


Back gauge repeat positioning accuracy(mm)


Bending straightness(mm)


Bending angle accuracy(`)


Linear encoder positioning accuracy(mm)


█ Technical Specifications of Yawei AHYW CNC Hybrid Press Brakes:

AHYW CNC Hybrid Press Brake 125T4000

Bending Power

125 Ton

Bending Length


Distance between side frames


Y1&Y2 Stroke


Max Ram Daylight opening


Throat depth


X back gauge stroke


R stroke


Approach Speed


Bending Speed


Return Speed


Main motor power


Gross Weight




Main images of Yawei AHYW Revolution &Energy Eco type CNC Hybrid Press Brakes manufactures China:

Dual Ram guide for better movement of upper beam

X&R CNC controlled automatical press brake back gauge for China Yawei AHYW CNC Hybrid brakepress

only 30 litres oil capacity for each oil tank, Y1&Y2 with independent oil cylinder, each axis oil flow can controlled by each servo motor&dual pump.

Large 6.0Kw Servo Drive for Y1&Y2 cylinders of AHYW CNC Hybrid Pressbrakes 4 Axis suppliers China

• Delivery time: Within 30 days

• Payment term: T/T, 30% down payment in advance and balance before shipment

• Warranty: 18 months

• Loading port: Shanghai, China

• Certificate: ISO, special requirements for CE conformity

• After Sales Service: 7*24 hours, quick response

• Package: Simple plastic cover or Specific Wooden box

• Installation Service and Training Service are all available if required

• Customer’s profile testing before shipment

If you want to buy one Eco friendly&energy saving CNC Hybrid Pressbrakes for your sheet metal working job, Ahyawei will have your choice, from cnc press brakes design to manufactures made in China.

If have any further questions or special requirements for China 4 Axis 4M AHYW CNC Hybrid press brakes,Press bending machines, please send email to export@ahycnc.com

Anhui Yawei Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd, China


Website: www.ahycncs.net



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