AHYW 100T 4Mtr Metal Bending Machines 4 Axis

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AHYW 100T 4Mtr Metal Bending Machines 4 Axis Yawei china supplier

AHYW 100T CNC metal bening machines Yawei made in China

AHYW 4mtr sheet bending brakes 4 axis Yawei china factory

AHYW 100T4mtr cnc brake press bending machines 4 axis china Yawei

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AHYW Yawei cnc synchro 4 axis pressbrakes China supplier

CNC hydraulic press brake was the brake that swept all other kinds of press brakes with previous operational designs. Stated another way, the new CNC hydraulic press brakes quickly replaced what was left of the mechanical style press brake in its many varied designs. And as well it should. One of the most important aspects of CNC hydraulic press brakes are their outstanding improvement in operator safety.

Indeed, safety wasn’t the only thing improved on the new CNC hydraulic press brakes. An incredible amount of design effort went into the foundation of these metal brakes. Rigidity was the objective, and was delivered in spades on the AHYW Pressbrake and metal guillotine. Twin heavy duty linear type rails connect the upper ram structure to the base of these outstanding CNC press brakes. Two precisely controlled hydraulic cylinders deliver exceptional repeatability and upper ram control.

Due to the widened stance of the new lower structure, both gap and throat depth are much improved over other models. For anyone who has ever had to set-up a metal brake press, you know that every inch of opening is worth its weight in gold. For most kinds of sheet metal bending a serious back gauge is an extreme asset for any kind of piece part large or small. Completely computer controlled, Yawei synchro multi axis pressbrake back gauge works efficiently to place the material quickly and accurately in preparation to bend.CNC hydraulic press brakes, that means in shortened definition, that these machines are indeed controlled by a computer. These controllers can offer the owner the ability, depending on which controller you go with, up to  as many as 14 axis controllability in production.

 Standard Configurations of AHYW 100T4000 CNC Brake Pressing 4 axis Metal Bending manufactures, suppliers, factory in China:

• DELEM DA52S Compact 4 axis cnc pressbrake controller

• Y1+Y2+X+R+CNC Hydraulic Crowning table(Anti-deflection table), 4 Axis CNC metal bending machines Yawei made in china

• Taiwan HIWIN Linear guide and ball screw for auto bending brake press back gauge moving, dual linear guide for fingers moving

• Japan Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motor and driver for 4 axis CNC controlled auto metal bending back gauge

• SCHNEIDER main electrical components in cabinet

• World top level hydraulic system, German Bosch Rexroth valves and Japan Nachi pump, optional Hoerbiger pump for China AHYW Yawei 4 axis metal bending brake press 4mtr

• German EMB fuel pipe union

• Seals: Japan NOK

• German HEIDENHAIN linear scale or Italy Givi linear scale for Y1&Y2 axis monitioring

• Amada type CNC Brake Press quick released  clamping made in china

• EURO Amada type 88 degree gooseneck top bending punch and Multi V die designed by different metal bending thickness
•  Options CE light curtains for operator finger protection 
•  Optional CE approved CNC brake press metal bending machine with interlock system side and rear door, safety switch


ESA S640.jpg

ESA S640 6 axis  CNC Brake Press 160T3200mm for 10ft cnc sheet metal bending

AHYW 100T 13ft cnc metal bending brakes 4 axis DELEM Compact DA52S controller

Germany Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Proportional valves and Japan Nachi Pump for Yawei China synchro brake press 4 axis, 6 axis, 8 axis auto sheet metal bending

EURO-Amada 88 degree top punch and 2V quick change lower die Yawei China made Synchro 4 axis brake press

Amada EURO type quick released top ram clamping fpr Yawei AHYW CNC Pressbrakes 4 mtr

CNC controlled auto 2 axis pressbrake back gauge X&R  axis bending machine China Yawei

AHYW 4 Axis cnc brake press for 4m metal bending


AHYW 160T3200 CNC Brake Press 6 Axis for 10ft sheet metal bending


AHYW 8 Axis cnc pressbrakes


AHYW Hybrid Pressbrake 4Mtr metal bending



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