AHYW 3 Axis Small CNC Pressbrakes 8 Feet

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AHYW 3 Axis Small CNC Pressbrakes 8 feet sheet metal bending brakes Yawei manufactures in China

AHYW Mini CNC pressbrakes 63T with DELEM DA52S compact controller

AHYW 8 feet sheet metal bending machines Yawei made in China

AHYW CNC Pressbrake-63T2500 is adopting Proportional valves with Y1,Y2,X CNC controlled 3 axis cnc pressbrakes design, standard coming with CNC controlled auto anti deflection table, Y1&Y2 share the same oil flow from one oil tank, and Y1&Y2 real position is monitored by 2 independent linear scales mounted on both sides of bending frames, the Givi linear scales will feedback the real positon of Y1&Y2 axis to DELEM CNC Pressbrake controlelr DA52S, then CNC controller will give demand to Y1&Y2 positioning according to current bending profiles, the hydraulic valves will have rated opening with oil flow and pump running.

AHYW synchro electro hydraulic pressbrakes can reach higher bending accuracy and increase your metal bending shop's productivity, pressbrake's operator just enter the target bending angle in controller, all axis will be positioned automatically, you just need to press pedal down and get your metal bending job done!

AHYW CNC pressbrakes can bending mild steel plate with thin plate 1mm,2mm and Max 3mm with big 24mm V opening, it's popular for sheet pressing cabinet for all electrical industry.

Detailed images of AHYW 3 axis Small tons cnc pressbrakes Yawei made in China

CNC controlled auto X pressbrake bending machine back gauge with Ysakawa servo motor and drive

Pressbrake cnc bending fingers moving on dual linear guide

CNC auto hydraulic crowning table ensure pressbrake operator can bending high accurate metal profiles for your shop

Italy Givi linear scale read the actual position of Y1&Y2 2 axis automatically to get accurate sheet metal performance

quick released clamping.jpg

Amada Euro type CNC pressbrakes quick released clamping as standard coming with AHYW CNC metal bending brakes

Amada EURO CNC pressbrake 88 degree top punch and 2V quick change die V8&V12mm opening for bending thin sheet metal size

Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drive to control X pressbrake back gauge position for bending sheet flange

German Bosch Rexroth Porprotional valves for all AHYW CNC Sycnhro brakes press machines Yawei made in China

Height adjustable type front sheet support moving on linear guide

Any further technical parameters required, please email us AHYW professional sheet metal cutting and bending machines manufactures factory in China

We have AHYW Hybrid pressbrakes for Eco friendly metal bending solutions with  bending sheet oil on demand design:


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