AHYW 3Mtr Hybrid Press Brake Machines

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AHYW 3Mtr Hybrid Press Brake Machines Yawei made in China

AHYW China Yawei made cnc hybrid press brake machines suppliers

AHYW 4 axis cnc servo motorised hybrid brakes press  Yawei made manufactures

AHYW Hybrid cnc press brake bending machines suppliers china

AHYW Ahyawei sheet metal cnc hybrid  bending brake machines forsale in china

AHYW China wholesale Rexroth made Hybrid cnc press brakes manufactures

AHYW German Rexroth made SVP servo motorised pressbrakes made in China

Advantage of this AHYW Yawei Hybrid CNC Press brakes compared to  traditional Synchro CNC Pressbrakes:

AHYW SVP hybrid pressbrakes adopting bigger power servo motor to replace traditional AC motor, the servo motor just work when operator depress foot pedal with bending signal, while AC motor always on working status and oil is running all the time even don’t get bending signal.

01, Lower noise, silent bending machine

02, Save electricity rates at least 40%

03, Smaller oil tank and lower oil consumptions reduce 30% oil capacity

04, Oil won’t heat up, prolong using life time of hydraulic parts and oil

Main configurations of AHYW Hybrid press brake machine 3mtr Yawei manufactures made in China

AHYW Hybrid pressbrakes standard DELEM DA58T Touch screen CNC pressbrake controller

2D Offline software, metal bending parts designer can make the drawing in computer and operator upload it to Controller directly

Y1+Y2+X+R, AHYW 4 Axis Synchro pressbrakes, CNC motorised mechanical crowning table

AHYW Auto Y1&Y2 CNC controlled

AHYW X&R, 2 axis cnc Auto controlled back gauge

Main electrical components:Schneider

Yaskawa Servo motor and drive for X&R auto back gauge

ESTUN main servo motor special for pressbrakes made in China

German Bosch Rexroth proportional Valves with safety valves 

Japan Nachi pump

Hiwin ball screw and linear guide for CNC auto X&R pressbrakes back gauge

Seal ring:Japanese NOK

Linear scale:German HELDENHAIN 

AHYW designed Amada-EURO type quick released CNC Pressbrakes clamping

Front sheet supports on linear guide

AHYW designed Euro-Amada type Sash punch and 2 V quick change die

Strong cylinder cover and side fence

AHYW specifications of

Hydrid CNC Press Brakes 100Ton3m Yawei machinery made in China factory

4mm mild steel and 2 mm stainless steel plate bending machines 4 axis

Max bending pressure100TonMax metal bending length3200mm, 10FT
Side frames distance2700mmMax daylight420mm
X bending back gauge600mmR axis bending back gauge150mm
X moving speed400mm/sApproach speed220mm/s
Main servo motor power6kwBending speed18-20mm/s
Gross weight7.5TDimension3600*1900*2400mm

Main images of Yawei AHYW CNC Servo motorised Hybrid press brake 3mtr, 4 axis cnc metal bending machines

AHYW Hybrid pressbrakes standard coming with Delem DA58T Touch screen with 2D offline software

DA58T Touch screen controller 2D.jpg

4 Axis CNC Press brake machine controller from DELEM



AHYW Wonderful foot pedal for Yawei Hybrid CNC Press brakes 3 mtr. 4axis cnc metal bending machines

AHYW Standard Amada-EURO type 88 degree top punch and 2V quick change lower die

AHYW Yawei designed  Optional 88 degree Gooseneck top punch and Multi V die for different metal thickness bending

gooseneck punch.jpg

AHYW CNC synchro brake press standard with height adjustable front sheet support moving on linear guide


AHYW CNC controlled X&R 2 axis auto pressbrake back gauge

AHYW Pressbrakes back guage, finger stops moving on linear guide, Manual Z1&Z2 movement

2 axis CNC controlled auto press brake back gauge Yawei made in China AHYW

AHYW designed Ram guide for press brake machine top beam up&down

AHYW Rexroth SVP Hybrid pressbrakes China ESTUN made bigger power servo motor to drive and control variable speed pump


DELEM DA66T Touch screen CNC pressbrakes controller

Italy ESA S630,S640, S650W, S660W full touch screen CNC pressbrake controller

Cybelec Mod Eva 15T Touch screen touch screen pressbrake controller

Front CE infra red guarding, inciuded China made light curtains, SICK infrared guarding

CE Fiessler AKAS laser guarding, Italy DSP laser guarding, Australia Lasersafe guarding for pressbrake operator protection

AHYW Wila type motorised mechanical crowning table for better pressbrake bending accuracy

Speical AHYW pressbrake bending stroke, throat, bending speed with fast bending cylinders

AHYW designed customized top&bottom tools for specific sheet metal bending profiles

AHYW Optional 4 pressbrake fingers of synchro Yawei pressbrakes amde in China


AHYW Optional 6 axis cnc pressbrakes with X,R,Z1&Z2 4 axis CNC controlled auto pressbrake back gauge

6 axis.jpg

AHYW 6 axis cnc pressbrakes standard coming with DELEM DA66T Touch screen or ESA S640 full touch screen pressbrake controller, X,R,Z1&Z2 4 axis cnc controlled back gauge with Yaskawa servo motor and drive

back view.jpg

If you are looking for one less oil&electricity Eco Hybrid press brake bending machine, 3m 4 axis CNC Hybrid pressbrakes from China factory manufactures, please email us or wechat 008615955558219

Anhui Yawei Machine is your best options for China Hybrid Press Brake Machine manufacture.


AHYW Yawei China have more options for Hybrid Pressbrakes 4 axis for 4m metal bending with Hoerbiger Eprax Hybrid system




AHYW Main Electro Hydraulic structure of Hybrid Press Brake Machines:

AHYW Hoerbiger ePrAX hybrid system mounted directly on top of Y1&Y2 cylinders;

valves, pump,servo drive and oil tank are compactly integrated in the ePrAX.



1, Y1 servo hybrid, including tank, servo drive and valves

2, Y2 servo hybrid, including tank, servo drive and valves

3, Italy Phase servo drive for Y1&Y2 hybrid system

4,Y1&Y2 cylinders