AHYW 400T4M 6 Axis CNC Bending Machine Esa S640

Product Details

 AHYW Yawei 400T4M 6 Axis CNC Press brakes Italy made  ESA S640 DSP MCS Laser guarding

AHYW Yawei 6 axis CNC Press brake 400T4m Italy ESA S640 DSP MCS safety guarding CE

China Yawei 6 axis cnc press brakes 400T 4m metal bending Italy DSP  ESA S640 made in china factory

AHYW Yawei 4m400t cnc press brake metal bending machine 6 axis

AHYW Yawei ESA S640 4m400T 6 axis Italy CNC Press brakes DSP Laser MCS safety controller

AHYW italy ESA S640 6 axis CNC synchro press brake 400T4m metal bending machine made in china manufactures

AHYW Yawei 4 axis cnc controlled 400T4m synchro CNC brake pressing bending machine made in china suppliers

Standard Configurations for AHYW Yawei 6 axis cnc press brake 400T4m sheet metal bending:

ESA S640 full touch screen 15 inch 2D graphical Synchro press brake controller, made in Italy

Y1,Y2,X,R,Z2,Z2, CNC controlled hydraulic Anti-deflection table, 6 axis press brake sheet metal bending machines

Germany Rexroth proportional hydraulic valves for Y1&Y2 axis

Japan Nachi pump

X,R,Z1&Z2 4 axis cnc controlled press brake back gauge with Yasakwa or Panasonic servo motor

Amada EURO quick released clamping system on top ram of press brake

Hardened&ground Amada EURO 88 degree top punch and 2V quick change dies or Any EURO customized tools

Dual linear guides for press brake finger stops moving

Schneider main electrical components in cabinet of 6 axis cnc press brakes Italy ESA S640 full touch screen

Electrical and hydraulic overload protection for AHYW 6 axis Italy 6 Axis cnc press brakes 4m metal bending machine made in china

Removable foot pedal with emergency stop buttons

 Optional Equipment of AHYW 6 axis Italy CNC Press brake with ESA S640 2D controller, CE Italy DSP Laser guarding with MCS safety controller, 300T4m 6 axis Italy CNC Synchro Press Brake made in china factory

• Different CNC units of ESA and CYBELEC cnc press brakes Controllers, DELEM DA69T 3D controller, ESA S630, ESA S650W, ESA S660, ESA S675 full touch screen synchro press brake controller

CNC controlled bending aids with servo motor drive

 Electrically powered CNC bending aid controlled by an AC Servo motor
• The E-Mate 2000 has a bending moment of 2000Nm.
• Movable on linear rails and can be removed using a pallet truck
• Bending aid movements synchronous with that of the pressing beam
• Manual V-groove setting ranging from V = 6mm to V = 150 mm
• Programmable bending speed and retraction speed
• Table with steel rollers, 600x1000 mm, equipped with extended
support arm of up to 1600 mm

cnc controlled bending aids for AHWW Yawei 6 axis cnc press brakes 4m made in china

• Wila type CNC press brake Motorized Mechanical crowning(Motorized press brake anti-deflection table)

  Italy Rolleri Hydraulic top and bottom press brake clamping

  Wila press brake tooling system, Wila New Standard Premium press brake tooling

  Wila New Standard premium hydraulic top punch clamping and die holder

  Wila New Standard Pro tooling and punch&die holder

Wila CNC Press brake top and bottom tools holders, • Wila NSCL-II Premium top tool adaptor equipped with mechanical clamping, with a maximum load of 250T/mtr top-bearing and 300 T/mtr shoulder-bearing and CNC deep-hardened tool clamping
• Wila NSCR-II Premium CNC-powered crowning using mechanical clamping, CNC deep-hardened tool clamping, maximum load 300 T/mtr, Tx/Ty alignment

• Additional control of CNC controlled automatic 6 axis cnc press brakes back gauge like R1,R2,X1,X2,Z1&Z2

•  Germany SICK CE front&rear Light curtain press brake guarding

  Germany Fiessler AKS 2 laser press brake guarding

  Germany Pilz laser press brake guarding

  Italy DSP Blue laser guarding, DSP Laser guarding with safety controllers

•  Australia Lazersafe guarding with PCSS safety controller

Lazersafe IRIS&IRIS PLUS Optical camera imaging guarding, mute 0mm with faster bending technology

• TRUMPF clamping&tooling system, cnc press brake top punches and lower dies

• Larger daylight press brake ram opening

• Extra press brake sheet metal bending back gauge fingers& front support arms

• Special colors and logo for OEM Press brake and metal guillotine shears manufactures all over the world

• Special tools design according to customer’s sheet metal bending profiles

 AHYW Yawei 4 axis, 6 axis and 8 axis CNC Synchro press brake can ensure a high metal bending safety level;

Hydraulic and Electrical overload protection

Side physical metal door with switch interlock system

Rear safety metal door with interlock system

Rear CE safety light curtain guarding

Italy made DSP MCS block laser guarding system

Australia made  Lazersafe IRIS PCSS laser guarding

AHYW  Yawei 6 axis cnc press brake  3m&10ft  for 6mm metal bending machine with Lazersafe guarding

AHYW Front Germany Fiessler AKAS CE standard press brake operator fingers guarding