AHYW 4m CNC Brakes Press 6 Axis Machine

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AHYW 4m CNC Brakes Press 6 axis Machine Yawei manufactures made in China factory

AHYW 4M 6 axis cnc press brake Yawei made in China

AHYW 6mm mild steel cnc bending machines manufactures Yawei suppliers

AHYW Delem DA66T 2D Touch screen CNC brakes press machines Yawei China

AHYW 6axis CNC controlled Auto brake press 4m bending machine Yawei China factory

AHYW 6 axis 2D Graphical cnc electro hydraulic cnc presbrakes Yawei machine made in China

Ahyawei 6 axis AHYW servo CNC brakes press 4m bending machines manufactures China

AHYW 4m CNC synchro pressbrakes 160T manufactures

DELEM DA66T 2D CNC brakes press AHYW Yawei machines made in China

This China Yawei made AHYW 6 axes CNC brakes press is one full Electro Hydraulic Servo motor&drive Synchro CNC pressbrake, totally different metal working machiner disign with torsion bar NC metal bending machines from China, economic NC press brake which it's mechanical force to make parallerl with left&right cylinders, while this 6 axis AHYW 160Ton4m can bending 6mm carbon steel and 3mm stainless steel, with Max 4m&13ft sheet metal bending length, standard Yawei AHYW 6 axis CNC metal bending brakes with DALEM DA66T 2D Touch screen cnc press brake controller, CNC controlled Y1&Y2, CNC controlled X,R,Z1&Z2(4 axis Auto back gauges) and CNC controlled Hydraulic crowing table or Wila type motorised mechanical anti-deflection table.

 Standard Configurations of AHYW Yawei made 6 Axis 160Ton 4m CNC Synchro Brakes Pressing machine manufactures, suppliers, factory in China:

• DELEM DA66T Touch Screen CNC controller with 2D Graphical offline software

• X+Y1+Y2+R+Z1+Z2+CNC hydraulic crowning, 6 Axis CNC Hydraulic Brakes pressing machinery made in china

• Taiwan HIWIN Linear guide and ball screw for back gauge, dual linear guide for fingers movement

• Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver for 4 axis CNC controlled back gauge

• SCHNEIDER key electrics in cabinet

• German Bosch Rexroth valves and Japan Nachi pump, optional Hoerbiger pump for China AHYW cnc press brake

• German EMB fuel pipe union

• Seals: Japan NOK

• German HEIDENHAIN linear scale or Italy Givi linear scale

• Amada type CNC Press Brakes quick released  clamping made in china

• Dual linear guide for pressbrakes finger stops moving

• EURO CNC pressbrakes 60mm narrow central bench, 60mm square 4V die 835mm sectionalized

• Bending Table height 900mm

• Amada type gooseneck top tool with 835mm sections 
• CE light curtains
• CE approved CNC press brake with interlock system side and rear door, safety switch

 Optional Equipment of AHYW China Ahyawei CNC brakes press 4m/160T, 6 axis cnc pressbrakes China

• Different CNC units of ESA and CYBELEC cnc press brakes Controllers

• Wila type CNC press brake Motorized Mechanical crowning

• Additional control of CNC automatic 6 axis cnc press brakes back gauge like R1,R2,X1,X2,Z1&Z2

5 axis cnc Auto back gauge

6 axis cnc controlled auto press brake back gauge

• Lazer safe DSP, FIESSLER,PILZ Laser guard with CE conformity

• TRUMPF, WILA clamping, cnc press brake top punches and lower dies

• Larger daylight opening

• Extra back gauge fingers& front support arms

• Wila Type hydraulic top&bottom tools clamping system

• Special colors and logo

• Special tools design according to customer’s profiles

• Other customized requirements


█ Technical Specifications of AHYW Ahyawei 6 axis  CNC press brakes 4m Yawei China factory for sale :

China AHYW DA66T CNC Press Brake 160T4000

Bending Power

160 Ton

Bending Length


Distance between side frames


Y1&Y2 Stroke


Max Ram Daylight opening


Throat depth


X back gauge stroke


R stroke


Approach Speed


Bending Speed


Return Speed


Main motor power


Gross Weight




• Delivery time: Within 30 days

• Payment term: T/T, 30% down payment in advance and balance before shipment

• Warranty: 18 months

• Loading port: Shanghai, China

• Certificate: ISO, special requirements for CE conformity

• After Sales Service: 7*24 hours, quick response

• Package: Simple plastic cover or Specific Wooden box

• Installation Service and Training Service are all available if required

Customer’s profile testing before shipment

Main images of AHYW Yawei made 6 axis 4Mtr CNC Brakes Pressing Bending machines China suppliers:

Front view of AHYW Yawei 6 axis cnc brake pressing machine China manufactures

Side&rear safe gate for AHYW 6 axis cnc pressbrakes Yawei made in China factory

AHYW Yawei Synchro CNC pressbrakes designed for precise sheet metal bending jobs

CNC controlled auto pressbrakes 4 axis  back gauge AHYW Yawei machinery China

CNC controlled hydraulic anti-deflection table Yawei AHYW cnc metal bending machines mafactures china

AHYW cnc pressbrakes finger stops moving on dual linear guide for fast&accurate position Z1&Z2 cnc controlled pressbrake  back gauge

German Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic top level valves and Japan quality Nachi pump

Optional oil cooler suitable for higher working temperature and longer working time

EUROPEAN DELEM made DA66T 2D touch scrren CNC pressbrakes machine controller

Standard coming with 2D graphical CNC brake press offline software Yawei machinery China factory

CE front Infra red light curtains Yawei cnc 4m press brakes

Heavy duty 2 pcs front sheet height adjustable support moving on linear guide

Amada EURO 30 degree acute top punch and 2 V quick change die

Amada EURO quick released  clamping for European yawei made 6 axis cnc brakes pressing machines China factory

Are you looking for quality  sheet metal guillotine shears&metal sheet cnc brakes pressing bending machines from China manufactures supplier&factory?

AHYW Yawei machine manufactures:

AHYW NC swing beam hydraulic shearing machine, QC12K models

AHYW NC variable rake sheet guillotine shears machine, QC11K models

AHYW CNC variable rake guillotine shears, CNC controlled metal cutting angle, CNC controlled cutting blades gap, CNC controlled cutting stroke, CNC controlled metal cutting length,central CNC controlled lubrication for mechanical parts

(enter your material cutting parameters, AHYW Yawei CNC guillotine shear will finish your sheet cutting jobs automatically)

AHYW Ahyawei NC Hydraulic torsion bar press brake machine, WC67K models

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AHYW 6 axis NC pressbrakes Yawei manufactures China

AHYW covered all levels of sheet metal cuting shears and metal brakes pressing bending machines from China manufactures suppliers.

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