AHYW 4m Synchro Press brakes 4 Axis

Product Details

AHYW 4m Synchro Pressbrakes 4 Axis Yawei made in China

AHYW 4 axis CNC metal bending brakes machines supplier in China

Everytime when starting CNC Synchro Pressbrakes, all axis will be calibrated automatically before sheet metal bending action.

This is the most popular CNC pressbrake models forsales in stainless door frame industry, standard Y1&Y2 share same oil source from oil tank, Y1&Y2 have independent linear scales to read the actual position and feedback to CNC delem controller. Pressbrake operators just need to enter the target bending angles for metal bending parts, DELEM CNC pressbrake controller will calculate the bending depth automatically and X bending stroke will be positoned automatically.

Standard features of AHYW 4 axis CNC Pressbrakes for 4m metal bending jobs

DELEM DA52S CNC controller, made in Holland

Y1,Y2,X,R, CNC controlled crowning table, 5 axis sheet metal bending machines

German Rexroth proportional hydraulic valves for Y1&Y2 axis

Japan Nachi pump

X&R cnc controlled back gauge with Yasakwa or Panasonic servo motor

Amada EURO quick released clamping system

Hardened&ground Amada EURO 88 degree top punch and 2V quick change dies

Dual linear guides for pressbrake finger stops moving

Schneider main electrical components in cabinet

Electrical and hydraulic overload protection

Removable foot pedal with emergency stop buttons

AHYW Higher approach speed and bending speed:

 AHYW CNC Press brakes with Y1&Y2,X,R and CNC auto hydraulic crowning, 4 axis cnc brakes press, the approach speed can get Max 250mm/s(under 200Ton bending pressure), very fast fast down speed for standard Synchro press brakes ever, bending speed can adjust from 10 to 15mm/s, return speed standard at 130-150mm/s.

 AHYW 4 axis CNC Pressbrakes 4m, DA52S cnc controller, fast cylinders working        https://www.facebook.com/ahycncs/videos 

 AHYW Yawei CNC Synchro Press brake controller main features of DA52S DELEM Made in Holland


Dual linear guides for pressbrake finger stops moving

CNC controlled pressbrakes auto X&R back gauges  AHYW Yawei made in China

Rexroth proportional hydraulic valves technology with Japan Nachi Pump

EURO 88 degree Sash top punch and 2V quick change dies Yawei factory made in China

If you want to know more technical specifications for AHYW 4 Axis cnc metal bending machines. Please email us.

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