AHYW 4mtr Metal Sheet CNC Bending Machines

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AHYW 4mtr Metal Sheet CNC Bending Machines Yawei Made In China

AHYW 4m Metal Bending Brakes Press 4 Axis Yawei made in China

AHYW 4 axis CNC metal bending press brakes machines supplier in China

AHYW 13 feet sheet metal bending machines CNC 4 axis controlled pressbrakes

Everytime when starting AHYW Yawei cnc sheet metal bending machines, all 4 axis pressbrakes will be calibrated automatically before sheet metal bending action.


AHYW 40T mini cnc metal bending machines with 8 feet sheet bending capacity


This is the most popular CNC metal shee bending brakes forsales in stainless door frame industry, standard Y1&Y2 share same oil source from oil tank, Y1&Y2 have independent linear scales to read the actual position and feedback to CNC delem controller. CNC metal bending machines  operators just need to enter the target bending angles for metal bending parts, DELEM CNC metal bending controller will calculate the bending depth automatically and X bending stroke will be positoned automatically.

AHYW CNC 4mtr sheet metal bending machines  have higher bending accuracy in positioning

AHYW cnc sheet bending machines have  higher approach speed and bending speed

If you want to buy one sheet metal bending mahcines for your metal bending jobs, mild steel plate bending, stainless steel bending, 4ft short parts bending to 40 feet long sheet mteal bending, AHYW can design customized models for your metal bending processing, from torsion bar 2 axis metal bending brakes to 8 axis cnc metal bending synchro brakes, ESTUN E21, E200, E300 NC controller to DELEM DA52S, DA58T, DA66T, ESA S640 full touch screen, manual crowning table to CNC controlled auto crowning table, all sheet metal bending options AHYW will cover your fabrication productions.

AHYW CNC Pressbrake servo controlled X auto back gauges

AHYW CNC Pressbrakes cabinet with Japan Yaskawa servo motor&drive

Optional features of AHYW Yawei China made CNC metal plate bending machines:

. CNC servo controlled auto R axis AHYW sheet metal bending  back gauge

options R axis.jpg
. AHYW cnc sheet metal bending Motorized Wila Anti-Deflection System which operates automatically

options motorised mechanical crowning.jpg

. DELEM DA58T Graphical 2D touch screen cnc pressbrake controlelr with offline software
. Special Amada EURO top punch and lower die
. AHYW CNC sheet metal bending brakes with  Front light curtain guarding system

For Italy sheet metal bending market, ESA S640 2D Graphical controller, Amada 60mm square 4V die

160T4M CNC.jpg

160T4M CNC.jpg

. AHYW CNC sycnhro brake press with German Fiessler or Italy DSP Laser protection system for die area

. Special throat depth (400, 500 and 600 mm) for AHYW Pressbrakes CNC servo controleld 

.AHYW CNC sheet bending with Wila Hydraulic top and bottom tool holding system

. Automatic slide greasing system.

.AHYW CNC sheet metal bending brakes with X,R,Z1&Z2 4 axis CNC controlled auto pressbrakes back gauges

options 4 axis cnc auto back gauges.jpg

More options for AHYW CNC sheet metal bending machines:

AHYW 6 axis cnc metal bending machines with X,R,Z1,Z2 4 axis cnc controlelr auto back gauges


AHYW 8 axis cnc sheet metal bending machines with 6 axis cnc controlled auto back gauges


AHYW Hybrid pressbrakes with Hoerbiger Eprax hybrid system


Yawei Machine Tool is one of the best ahyw 4mtr metal sheet cnc bending machines manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy ahyw 4mtr metal sheet cnc bending machines made in China from our factory.