AHYW 6M CNC Synchro Pressbrake 160Tons

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AHYW 6M CNC Sycnhro Pressbrake 160Tons Yawei China made sheet metal bending machines

AHYW 4 axis cnc metal bending brakes

AHYW 6m large sheet metal bending machines Yawei made in China

AHYW 4 axis 6m cnc press brake machines Yawei manufactures

AHYW China 20 feet large metal bending machines suppliers China

AHYW 6m steel plate bending brakes made in China

AHYW CNC Synchro pressbrake 160T6000 for bending 6m thin sheet plate, it features DELEM DA58T Graphical controller, auto Y1&Y2 controlled by DELEM, X&R 2 axis cnc controlled back gauges. Motorized mechanical crowning table will ensure you high precision bending profiles you got.

Italy Givi linear scales

3mm*6m  mild steel plate bending

1.5mm*6m stainless sheet metal bending

6mm*10 feet sheet metal bending

DELEM DA58T 2D graphical controller with offline software

German Rexroth valves and Japan nachi pump

Ball screw and linear guide for CNC controlled 2 axis auto pressbrake back gauges

Yaskawa famous brand for back gauge servo drive system

42CrMo material top tool&bottom die for bending thin metal sheet

Schneider main electrical components

Hydraulic and electrical overload protection

Main images of AHYW 6M CNC Pressbrake bending machines 4 axis Yawei made in China :

X&R 2axis cnc controlled auto pressbrake back gauge

Wila type mechanical crowing table for AHYW 6m cnc pressbrakes

Amada EURO quick released clamping system for CNC Pressbrakes


AHYW CNC Pressbraek are available for customized special tools design, special stroke design for your specific sheet metal bending jobs!

Hybrid press brake are all available in China Yawei factory, Hybrid press brakes with Hoerbiger Eprax hybrid system:


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