AHYW 8FT CNC Synchro Brakes Press 3 Axis

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China Ahyawei is one professional cnc brakes press and metal guillotine manufactures suppliers factory, we can manufactures different NC&CNC metal cutting guillotine and press brakes, standard Ahyawei AHYW CNC brakes press machine have Y1&Y2, X back gauge, hydraulic Anti-deflection and Mechanical anti-deflection table are all available, you need to inform us your final products profiles or your cutting&bending precision requirements, as you know Ahyawei Synchro CNC Press Brakes have higher speed, higher precision&producing efficiency than standard torsion bar WC67K hydraulic bending machines made in China, but the prices for CNC brakes press are much higher than torsion bar, which required customers higher budget, but whn you buy one CNC Press brakes from Ahyawei China, you will like it and don't like use the traditional mechanical traditional metal bending machines.


This Ahyawei AHYW CNC Brakes press 63T2500 designed for bending 4mm mild steel&2mm stainless metal plate , operator can bending 2.5m, 8ft mild steel and stainless plate, Y1&Y2 will share same oil flow, but each cylinder's oil flow can be monitored by GIVI Italy linear scale and will be feedback on Cybelec Touch 8 cnc press brakes controller, controller have reference postion automatically when power on mahcine everytime, operator can enter target bending angle to computer, Touch 8 cnc press brake controller will calculate the bending depth for Y stroke automatically, also will calculate the compesation value on crowning table, which all can ensure higher precision bending profiles customer will get.


Standard configurations and technical specifications for This China Ahyawei Synchro 3 axis cnc press brakes:


Controller: Cybelec Touch 8 CNC press brake controller

Main motor: Wannan, China famous brand

Servo motor&drive for X CNC back gauge: Panasonic

2 units linear scales mounted 2 cylinders and controlled the oil flow by computer: Givi , Italy

Hydraulic valves: Bosch Rexroth, Germany

Hydraulic Pump: Nachi, Japan

Ball screw&linear guide for cnc press brake back gauge

Front sheet support moving on linear guide

Amada type quick released clamping system

Amada EURO type 2 V quick change cnc press brakes lower die made in China

Schneider main electricity components

Max bending pressure:63Tons

Max bending length:8ft metal plate, 2.5m

Side frames distance;2100mm

Y1&Y2 stroke;150mm

Daylight opening;350mm

Throat depth:400mm

X back gauge stroke:600mm


If you have special bending profiles, please send us email, we can talk and choose the best machines&tools solutions customized machines for you.


China Ahyawei AHYW cnc brakes press machines can have 500-1500mm bigger throat depth, 350-1500mm bigger daylight


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 Optional Equipment of Ahyawei AHYW 63T2.5m  4 axis cnc hydraulic plate bending machines 8ft:

• Different CNC units of ESA and CYBELEC cnc press brakes Controllers

• Wila type CNC press brake Motorized Mechanical crowning

• Additional control of CNC automatic 6 axis cnc press brakes back gauge like R1,R2,X1,X2,Z1&Z2

• DSP, FIESSLER,PILZ Laser guard with CE conformity

• TRUMPF, WILA clamping, cnc press brake punches and dies

• Larger daylight opening

• Extra back gauge fingers& front support arms

• Wila Type hydraulic top&bottom tools clamping system

• Special colors and logo

• Special tools design according to customer’s profiles

• Other customized requirements

Terms&conditions, sale service

• Delivery time: Within 30 days

• Payment term: T/T, 30% down payment in advance and balance before shipment

• Warranty: 18 months

• Loading port: Shanghai, China

• Certificate: ISO, special requirements for CE conformity

• After Sales Service: 7*24 hours, quick response

• Package: Simple plastic cover or Specific Wooden box

• Installation Service and Training Service are all available if required

• Customer’s profile testing before shipment

If have any further questions or special requirements for China Ahyawei AHYW 3 axis electro servo cnc press brakes 63T&8ft metal bending machines, please send email to export@ahycnc.com

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