AHYW Yawei 30T Mini Pressbrake Bender

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AHYW Yawei 30T Mini Pressbrake Bender manufacture china

AHYW Yawei 30T mini cnc pressbrakes china factory

AHYW Yawei 4ft cnc brake press bending machine made in china

AHYW Yawei 30T mini cnc metal bending machine china factory

AHYW Yawei 3 axis 30T Mini metal bender made in china factory

30T mini bender is suitable for smaller space company for bending short metal profiles, 1000mm, 1050mm, 1250mm are all available with 30T bending pressure, single cylinder driven 2ft to 4ft mini pressbrakes short metal bending, here have 2 bigger guide way located on two sides of single cylinder with higher precision position and sliding for the purpose of higher productivity for bending short sheet metal profiles.

Standard back gauge coming with X&R 2 axis cnc controlled auto bending back gauges, Yasakwa or Panasonic Japan brand servo motor and driver for back gauges setting, Amada type top punch and 2V quick change lower die will help mini bender shorten time of changing tools, Z axis bending fingers can be moved by manual from left to right for different location sheet bending jobs.

Regarding the CNC controller, here have many options, from DELEM DA52S, DA53T, DA58T, DA66T 2D Graphical touch screen controller, ITALY ESA S630, ESA S640, ESA S650W, ESA S660W, ESA S675W 21 inch touch screen controller are all available for Yawei 30T Mini bender.

AHYW 30Tmini presbrake back gauges built with rigid, precesion back gagues on ball screws with linear guides, which can ensure fast and precise bending positioning. X&R 2 axis is standard back gauges configurations for Yawei 30T Mini bender.  4 axis auo back gauges is also available, X,R,Z1&Z2 cnc controlled pressbrake back gauges.

Max bending pressure: 30T

Throat depth: 400mm

Y stroke; 150 to 200mm

Max daylight:400mm(depends on tools)

X back gauge stroke: 600mm, optional 800mm, up to 1m

R back gauge stroke: 150 to 200mm

Optional configurations for China AHYW Yawei 30T mini pressbrakes bender:

CE standard Germany SICK, PILZ, SCHMERSAL light curtain guarding

Italy DSP(MSC) Laser guarding, PILZ  Camera laser guarding, Germany fiessler AKAS Laser guarding, Lazersafe guarding

ESTUN DSVP Servo motorized pump hybrid system

Germany Hoerbiger Eprax Hybrid pressbrake system

Z1,Z2,X2,X2,R1,R2 6 axis CNC controlled auto pressbrake back gauges

X,R,Z1&Z2 4 axis bending back gauges for Mini Bender Yawei made in china

Wila or Rolleri Hydraulic top tool clamping and bottom die holder

Main images of Yawei 30T Mini cnc pressbrake metal bending machine made in china

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China 4mtr Hybrid CNC Pressbrakes AHYW Yawei made in china Hoerbiger Eprax Hybrid system


CNC Hybrid Press Brake machine is the latest high technology generation of Synchro press brake design, thanks to German Hoerbiger ePrAX Electro Hydraulic Hybrid system design. 

Eco-friendly, 65% energy saving, Accurate,Fast, Quiet, Efficient, Durable

This systems is the consistent further development of servo driven press brake systems 

from HOERBIGER. Hybrid press brake machine using one variable speed servo 

motor pump to drive&control real position and bending pressure in time 


AHYW Main Electro Hydraulic structure of Hybrid Press Brake Machines:

AHYW Hoerbiger ePrAX hybrid system mounted directly on top of Y1&Y2 cylinders;

valves, pump,servo drive and oil tank are compactly integrated in the ePrAX.



1, Y1 servo hybrid, including tank, servo drive and valves

2, Y2 servo hybrid, including tank, servo drive and valves

3, Italy Phase servo drive for Y1&Y2 hybrid system

4,Y1&Y2 cylinders

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