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AHYW Yawei 4mtr Sheet Metal CNC Bending Brake Machines made in China

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AHYW Yawei Hydraulic CNC Press brakes machines manufactures made in China

Till now,  China yawei AHYW produces the widest variety of hydraulic press brake machines available today. From our entry AHYW NC hydraulic press brake series we offer 40 different bending capacity and ranges from a 30T small mini press brake that start at 4 ft in length to large press brakes up to 12mtr in bending length. Our AHYW Yawei CNC Press brake machines covered from 4ft 40T mini CNC pressbrakes to 4000T712mtr large metal bending brakes, from 3 axis entry level CNC auto pressbrakes to 12 axis different configurations CNC auto bending machines with DELEM,ESA&CYBELEC all ranged pressbrake controlelr all over the world.

 In addition to these two popular press brake series, we also offer the Eco friendly energy&less oil consumption type AHYW Yawei CNC hybrid pressbrakes, up to 300T now, which can install German Bosch Rexroth and Hoerbiger hybrid system.

All China Yawei CNC Pressbrakes standard coming with CNC Auto Anti-deflection table, CNC Hydraulic crowing type and optional Wila type CNC Motorised mechanical crowing table.An easy to use cnc controlled pressbrakes  reduces the required operator skill level.


The features and benefits continue with advanced operator friendly cnc controlled pressbrakes options. An easy to use controller reduces the required operator skill level. That easy to operate control, the compact DELEM DA-52s provides easy CNC programming product design tool. Machine adjustment and test bends are reduced to a minimum because of the quick and easy to use bend sequence determination tool. The CNC program is generated with a one page. You are ready to make the first part since all axes positions are automatically computed and the bend sequence has already been simulated on the screen with the machine and tools in real scale.  The basic Yawei CNC press brake machine control functions are Y1-Y2 -X axis and CNC Auto crowing table, optionally a second back gauge axis can be used as R axis as usual. Also the crowning function is standard on board. The AHYW Yawei series press brakes start with stress relieved machine bases finished milled on 5 axis machining centers. Linear rails for all moving components of the brake as inconsequential as material support arms and back gauge fingers.2 units German or Italy original brand linear scales monitoring the ram positioning&provide feedback to CNC pressbrake amchine controlelr in realtime, which are mounted on a separate heavy duty “C” frame independent of the ram so as not to be affected by any possible ram deflection. China YAWEI AHYW  offers both manual and automatic controlled crowning systems. The manual style is equipped with single point adjustment and position readout by hand wheels. The CNC Auto type calculates the position and setting from normal program information and sets them via the CNC pressbrake controller.

With safety required in Euro or US market with different safety requirements, China Yawei can offer the ram-mounted German Fiessler, Italy DSP, Australia Lasersafe front guarding, located at the bending level and based on the location of the punch tip, this system helps prevent any injuries to pressbrakes operator. Transmitter and receiver are fixed to the ram of the machine and form a laser-optical safety light grid that follows the ram.

Yawei also offering China made Infrared front guarding and SICK Guarding as well to meet customer's real demends.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM china ahyw yawei cnc pressbrake machines manufactures?

With all types of AHYW Yawei press brakes machines, our concept of  large stroke, deep bending,higher accurancy allow the pressbrakes operators to make parts with larger flanges and make the removal of those parts much easier for the operator. With easier Amada EURO type quick released clamping on ram, operator can change different pressbrake tools much faster when demand, Delem DA series friendly CNC pressbrake controller can provide better metal bending performance. Fast speed bending brakes can help operator get higher bending efficiency.

WHAT IF YOU required MORE IN YOUR yawei cnc PRESS BRAKE machines?

If you are looking for more options for your CNC press brake machines, and you cannot find it in our below list, please drop us email:

 CNC controller: DELEM DA52S,DA56S,DA58T,DA66T,DA69T, ESA 640,CYBELEC MODEVA 15T

CNC Auto back gauge: 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis, 6 axis, 7 axis servo cnc controlled Auto back gauge

Throat depth: 600mm, up to 1500mm bigger throat

Stroke: Y axis bending stroke, X back gauge moving stroke

Guarding requirements: CE standard configurations, gate interlock system

Special bending forming tools to meet special bending profiles

Customized all configuratiosn and technical specifications

█ Standard Equipment of China made Yawei DELEM DA52s 4mtr Hydraulic CNC Press Brake bending machine 100Ton:

• Control of Y1,Y2,X,R and cnc Hydraulic press brake, 4 axis cnc press brakes

• DELEM DA56S CNC Press brake controller

• Original German Rexroth proportional valves.

• Japan Nachi hydraulic pump

• High Quality accurate German Heidenhain linear encoder

• Japan Yaskawa AC servo motor and drive

• Manual movable back gauge fingers on linear guide

• China top level cylinders with Japan NOK seals

• Amada/Promecam type quick cnc press brake release clamping

• Schneider-Telemecanique electrical components in cabinet

• 2 Units Movable sliding front support arm with linear guide, support height adjustable

• Hardened Standard Amada cnc press brake type sectionalized 835mm top&bottom tool suppliers in china

AHYW Yawei 4 Axis 4mtr CNC Press Brake bending machines specifications:

Max metal bending capacity100TonMax bending length4m
Throat depth400mmDaylight400mm
Y1&Y2 stroke200mmX back gauge stroke600mm
R back gauge stroke150mmApproach speed220mm/s
Main main power7.5kwGross weight8.2T

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Hydraulic Valves and Pump for Yawei cnc press brake 4 Axis

DELEM Automatic CNC Press brake back gauge, 4 axis hydraulic metal sheet bending machines

CNC Press brake gooseneck top tool and European cnc press brake 4 way dies manufactures  in china

Delivery time only required 25 days or less, due to large standard components in stock for China Yawei wholesale CNC brakes press machines manufacture suppliers factory in site.

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