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AHYW China Yawei 6 axsi cnc synchro pressbrakes featured DELEM DA66T OR ESA S640 Graphical CNC controlled, Y1&Y2 pressbrake main cylinders moving, X&R bending fingers moving up&down, backward&forward for bending different metal profiles applications, also bending fingers can cnc controlled auto moving Z1&Z2 direction to position different locations within 4m metal bending, CNC Anti-deflection table as standard coming with Yawei AHYW China synchro brakepress, optional Wila type motorized mechanical crowning table.

Once pressbrake operator power on machines, 6 bending moving axis will be calibrated automatically, after that, operator just need to select the correct pressbrakes tooling to finish metal bending profiles, DELEM DA66T can provide 2D offline software which means your engineer can make reasonable bending programs according to your jobs at office, he can make the real bending simulations like bending profiles in actual machines, they can check the bending tools whether suit for the detailed jobs.

Amada EURO quick released pressbrake clamping will improve speed of changing top punch for different metal bending applications, servo motor CNC controlled 4 axis auo back gauges can ensure higher precision and high speed bending actions.

Yawei AHYW CNC Synchro pressbrakes have more options, Motorized mechanical anti deflection table, ESA S640, ESA S660W 19 inch full touch screen, DELEM DA69T 3D pressbrakes controller and Cybelec Modeva full touch screen controller can fresh your eyes when bending metal plate.

Bending safety is another factor AHYW Yawei china pressbrakes adopting, operator can consider use light curtains protection, CE European bending market have options for Germany Fiessler laser guarding, SICK Light curtains guarding, Italy DSP Laser guarding with MCS controlling system, Pilz camera laser guarding, Australia Lazersafe CNC pressbrake safety guarding, all your need, AHYW China Yawei will surprise you, especially higher bending precision, even AHYW Yawei 2 axis NC torsion bar(conventional pressbrakes) bending machines can get more higher bending precisions than other pressbrakes manufactures.

How to consider which pressbrake is suitable for your sheet bending jobs, or which brand pressbrakes are the best quality bending machines?

We know it's not easy for final user to choose the best bending machine for your job, some smaller comapny offering lower prices with almost same configurations, good painting on photos, perfect components list and other better paperwork. You may confused when you get more than 5 different quotation for same model and same components list, why prices have so bigger difference?

Yes, it's different, quality of pressbrakes depends on bending precisions(but if you are just looking for one bending machine, no need higher precision for your metal priofiles, you can buy anywhere, as you just need one bending angle), repeating bending stable performance, you need to consider when you want to  pressing 20 pcs metal with same bending program, if some pcs get wrong bending with others, you may need another try, quality pressbrakes should be getting same bending results even you need to bending 200 times fo same metal profiles. Also bending speed is another factor you need to consider, no one want one bending machine with slow running speed, espacially you got a lot of metal bending profiles order for your clients, operator won't waste time to wait pressbrakw axis on positioning when operator already hold the material before bending, correct way is pressbrake is waiting operator feed the material to bending tools and get the job done!

New pressbrakes should be running more time before delivery, have you think about it when you are lloking for one bender? Pressbrakes bending long times means machine all components can work properly together as one team, no one can promise you high quality if no long time bending testing.

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AHYW Yawei 6 axis CNC Pressbrake 4m160T, DELEM DA66T Controller,  ITALY ESA S640 6 axis cnc press brakes 3m160T bending pressure.


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