AHYW Yawei 8M CNC Tandem Press Brake 300T

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AHYW Yawei 8M CNC Tandem Press Brake 300T sheet metal bending machine made in china factory

AHYW Yawei 4 axis 8m cnc synchro press brake DELEM DA58T 2D graphical controller

AHYW Yawei 8 m sheet metal bending machines manufacture in china suppliers

AHYW Yawei 4 axis cnc tandem press brake for 8m long sheet mteal bending applications

AHYW Yawei 300T sheet metal bending brakes china factory

AHYW Yawei 8m street  light poles forming bending machines made in china

China Yawei AHYW made 12m conical  lamppost metal forming bending machines

China Yawei AHYW made 12m polygon street light poles  metal forming bending machines

AHYW Yawei 8m cnc tandem press brake for 8m sheet metal bending machines made in chian factory

China made Street light pole production line conical poles forming machine octagonal high mast machine 8m&12m cnc  tandem Press Brake

AHYW Yawei 8m&12m cnc tandem press brake using 2 same featured 4m or 6m cnc synchro press brakes, DELEM DA58T,DA66T 2D touch screen controller will ensure 2 independent bending machines working in synchro, optional Italy Made ESA S640, ESA S650, ESA S660W, ESA S675 21 inch full touch screen.

2 units 6m cnc synchro press brake can work separate for bending short 4m&6m sheet metal, while working together to bending 8m&12m sheet metal.

China Yawei 12m CNC Tandem Press brakes lamppost light poles bending machines

Road construction and related equipments are infrastructure. many companies want to get into this industry. while some customers has experience on pole production, but some has no much knowledge of it. so many questions shall be clear before we get into light pole production industry.Lamppost, light poles are the popular and highly required sheet metal forming products, it's ahve many kinds of poles; like  round poles, square steel poles, round tapered steel poles,steel hinged poles, hurricane resistance steel light poles, square tapered steel poles, poles length from 6m to 30m according different applications.

When you cosider to make or forming poles for your market, you need to make clear the poles sizes first, like poles length, poles shape, poles thickness, poles Dia, Top&botton sides, front&rear feeding table for poles production lines, side poles extraction.,etc,  China AHYW Yawei factory can design all kinds of poles, thickness from 2.8mm to 12mm, lamppost length from 6m to 30m high mast street poles bending machines.

Polygon&conical street poles can forming or bending easily with standard metal bending tools, all poles forming shape depends on material blanking sizes, like hexagonal street light poles, Octangle street lamppost, 20m high mast poles.

Round light poles need  design special Radius forming tools according t different Dia of top&bottom poles specifications, it's much complicated than hexagonal street light poles&Octangle street lamppost.

poles bending

round  lightpoles

12m cnc tandem press brake forming 12m round street light poles

China Yawei made 12m CNC Tandem press brake foring poles applications, optional cnc controlled auto front&rear feeding system


12m cnc sheet metal bending machines

round poles bending

Street light pole production line pole making machine octagonal high mast machine 400ton 6M Yawei AHYW  CNC tandem Press Brake forming 12m street light poles

Light polesllamppost production lines/How to make 8m, 10m, 12m, 16m, 20m high mast lamppost?

light poles production lines

01, Light Poles/lamppost Cut to length Line:

To reduce Light pole sproduction cost, we could start from metal cutting  hot roll steel coil material. Most countries are using mild steel plate for lighting pole production. So you need to confirm the specific material before starting forming light poles.

Regarding the poles plate thickness, height, bottom /top diameter, cross section (conic or octagonal) were designed according to local weather condition, like temperature , wind speed, max wind speed and so on or some countries government department have their rules and you will be follow with your poles design and productions.

02, Light Poles Taper plate Slitting machine, this equipment is not highly recommend, as you can cut the material to the determined shape or sizes by plasma cutting machine or CNC Fiber Laser cutting machines

03, 12m  Large CNC Tandem Press Brake,  different bending or forming pressure depends on different poles thickness, poles shape and Dia of poles.

04, Light pole auto welding macine

05, Light poles straighten machines(if required)

06, Plasama cutting machine for cutting electrical door on light poles

07, Conical poles base plate cutting guillotine and welding machines

Base plate for Round steel tapered street poles


More detailed information for China Yawei made AHYW 8m, 10m, 12m&16m CNC Tandem Press brake for forming light poles, 12m high mast lamppost, 10m street light poles, email us! We will offer you the best solutions for light poles high mast production lines from china manufactures!


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