AHYW Yawei Servo Motorized Pump Press Brake 4M

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AHYW Yawei Servo Motorized Pump Press Brake 4M Metal Bending Machine made in china factory

200T4M Servo Motorized pump Yawei cnc metal bending machine standard coming with DELEM DA58T full touch screen 2D sheet bending controller, variable servo motor drive pump with determined running ratios according different bending commands automatically from DELEM DA58T bending controller; Servo motorized pump only running with oil&electrical cosumption when press brake operator depress foot pedal for bending metal profiles.

Servo pump Hybrid press brake almost silent when bending operator or metal bending engineer are programming or handling material, it also save up to 60% energy when beam return to top.

European main components of AHYW Yawei 200T4M Hybrid cnc press brake ensure quality machines to be biult with long time bending life,affordable top level sycnhro press brake, low maintenance, precise bending profiles available, fast bending cycle, silent bending workshop.

Hydraulic system adopts Germany Hoerbiger or Rexroth professional supplier, Japan Yaskawa or Panasonic ensure 2 axis, 4 axis or 6 axis auto bending back gauge working smoothly and high precision.

Wila Wave CNC motorized mechanical crowning table(Motorized anti-deflection table) Yawei PBC PBH DA66T DA69T 220T4m 6 axis press brakes, X,R,Z1,Z2 4 Axes CNC controlled auto servo motorized press brake metal bending back gauges china

Length of Bending table: 200t4m                          Steel Material Bending Type: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel

Bending Throat Depth:400mm                              Cylinder Opening Stroke: 200mm

Tope Bending Beam stroke:490mm                      X axis bending back gauge stroke: 600mm

Metal Bending Way: CNC auto programming     Motorized auto bending back gauge positioning

Anti-deflection Type: Hydraulic Crowning or CNC Motorized crowning table are all available

Online cutting&bending service via Wechat/WhatsApp available

CNC controller: DELEM DA58T, DA66T,DA53T, ESA S630, ESA S640, ESAS 675 2D&3D bending controller



Customized 3M,4m,6m,8m Sheet Metal Bending machien are all available from China AHYW Yawei Press Brakes and Guillotine Shears factory.

What's your Max cutting thickness?

What's your Max cutting length?

How about your Max metal bending thickness?

Max sheet bending length?

How often are you bending Max sheet folding capacity?

Are you looking for NC metal bending machine or CNC advanced speedy synchro press brakes?

Mild steel cutting&bending

Stainless steel sheet cutting&bending

Hardox 450,Weldox high tensile strength steel bending for truck bodies building

Trailer, Bumper bending platforms,Bending Skeletal, Bending Flatdecks, Bending Dropside, Tautliner

Simple sheet metal bending profiles or complex multi steps bending with 2D&3D DELEM CNC Press brake controller.

Email us with what you want now, AHYW Yawei China Supplier Manufacture all Kinds of Sheet Metal Guillotine Shears&Metal Bending Press Brakes!



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