China Yawei 4 Axes 4M CNC Press Brake 200T Bending

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China Yawei 4 Axes 4M CNC Press Brake 200T Bending machine made in china factory

AHYW Yawei DELEM DA58T 2D full touch screen 4 axis cnc brake press china manufactures

AHYW Yawei china 200T4m CNC press brakes 4 axes for 13 ft sheet metal bending machines suppliers

AHYW Yawei CNC controlled 4 axis cnc sheet metal bending machines china manufactures

China Yawei 6mm 8mm sheet metal 3m&4m steel plate bending press brakes 4 axis suppliers

AHYW Yawei 200T4m CNC Press Brake 4 Axis DA58T

Yawei AHYW Sheet CNC synchro press brake  machine standard with Y1&Y2 share same oil source from oil tank, Y1&Y2 have independent linear scales to read the actual position and feedback to CNC delem DA58T Touch screen controller. Yawei press brake operators just need to enter the target bending angles for metal bending parts, DELEM CNC press brake controller will calculate the bending depth automatically and X bending stroke will be positoned automatically.

Standard Equipments of AHYW Yawei cnc press brake-200T4m, 4 axis cnc sheet metal bending machine brake press:

Fast Metal Bending, Precise Metal Bending, High Efficiency Metal Bending, Safety Metal Bending, Multi Function Bending

DELEM DA58T or Italy made ESA S640 CNC 2D Graphical touch screen press brake controller

ESA S640.jpg  

2D Offline software, DELEM Profile T, Max machine efficiency and production output of metal press brakes.

CNC controlled 5 axis, Y1,Y2, X&R 2 axis auto press brake bending back gauges


CNC controlled hydraulic anti-deflection table or CNC controlled motorized crowning system

Amada type quick released top punch clamping

Germany Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Valves

Japan  Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motor system for X&R 2 axes back gauge

LED lights on bending area

Options of AHYW  Yawei 200T4M CNC Sycnhro press brakes Yawei manufactures made in China

DELEM DA66T 15 inch full touch screen 2D Graphical cnc press brake controller, DELEM 2D offline software

DA66T controller.jpg  da66t

CNC controlled X,R,Z1&Z2 4 axis auto press brake back gauge, Japan Yaskawa or Panasonic servo driven

4 axis CNC press brake back gauges  X R Z1 Z2 6 axis cnc controlled press brake

AHYW Yawei china made cnc controlled X1,X2,Z1,Z2,R1,R2 6 axis auto bending back gauge for 8 axis cnc press brakes china manufacture 


EUROPEAN UK&ITALY forsale 300T6M 6 axis CE CNC Press brake , Italy ESA S640 2D controller,Italy made DSP MCS Laser guarding

Italy made ROLLERI Pneumatic&Hydraulic fast clamping system for CNC synchro press brake


Optional Wila New Standard Premium/Pro Tool Holders, Wila New Standard Premium/Pro Tools,STL system;

Wila New Standard Premium Clamping
The New Standard Premium Clamping systems offer the ultimate in precision, ease of operation,bending freedom, clamping performance, load bearing capacity and durability. The entire tool pressure surfaces are CNC-Deephardened® (approx. 56HRc) to minimize wear and provide a high level of performance and accuracy for the long term. The clamping has been designed in such a way that even tool segments as small as 10 mm can be clamped and positioned individually.Clamping is suitable for both head and shoulder bearing tools.
Wila New Standard Pro Clamping
For the clamping of New Standard top tools, Wila not only supplies the trend-setting New Standard Premium Clamping systems, but also high-quality alternatives for even more bending applications:

New Standard Pro Clamping systems. The specifications of these clamping systems are similar in operation to the Premium clamping line with the main difference being that the pressure and reference surfaces are not hardened. With the New Standard Pro Clamping systems it is possible to clamp and position tool segments as small as 15 mm individually.

All New Standard Premium Clamping systems come standard with Guards on the ends of the clamping units. All New Standard Pro Clamping systems and American Style Clamping systems can be outfitted with a Guard on the left and right end as an option. The New Standard Guards (see picture) have been provided with a cast steel insert to facilitate horizontal insertion of tools. In addition, the Guard prevents damage to the clamping systems and tools.

Wila Press brake CNC controlled motorized crowning or Manual crowning table with tool holders

Wila Crowning Systems are recognized by their internal opposing wave technology (the “Wila Waves”) allowing
for centralized proportional crowning over the machine length while also providing localized adjustment capability.
The resulting compact design is available in a wide range of models with automatic or manual operation for
practically any press brake type or size.

The Wila New Standard and American Style Clamping systems offer:

 The fastest bending tool changeover

 Automatic clamping,seating&aligning

 Individual clamping of each tool segment

  Vertical and horizontal tool changeover, loading&unloading

 Available for use on all new or current brand press brakes




Options Wila type motorised mechanical crowning table for AHYW 6 axis CNC Synchro press brake made in China Yawei

Front lasersafe guarding for CE synchro press brake 4 axis,6 axis,8 axis UK IATLY Synchro press brake Yawei China, Germany Fiessler AKAS Laser, Italy DSP MCS Laser safety guarding, Australia made Lazersafe guarding


160T4M CNC.jpg

CE CNC 4M 6 axis CNC press brakes made for Australia Lazersafe guarding with PCSS safety controller



Australia made Lazersafe ISIR &IRIS Plus mute 0mm  top level laser guarding

IRIS is an Integrated Real-time Imaging System that provides press brake manufacturers with greater
functionality by combining high performance optical protection with real time image processing. Available
in two models, IRIS and IRIS Plus systems comprise a laser transmitter and receiver set mounted to
the upper beam of the press brake. Each model includes a high speed digital camera and image data
processing system contained within the receiver unit.

Optional AHYW 6 axis Hybrid Press brake Hoerbiger ePrAX system Yawei machinery made in china factory

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