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2 Axis NC Press Brakes 125Ton Manufactures Suppliers factory for sale In China

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Anhui Yawei DELEM DA41S Hydraulic plate bending brakes China

Benefits of China Yawei Press Brakes WC67K NC Hydraulic Press Brake-125Ton3200mm

Anhui Yawei  press brakes made in china benefit your bottom line with higher quality parts, faster cycle times, lower operating and maintenance costs. Whether your application requires bending simple shapes or complex parts, Anhui Yawei has a press brake to match your needs and your budget. JMT press brakes are designed for reliability, repeat-ability, precision, performance and ease-of-operation.

We offer several series of press brakes with features and options tailored to different manufacturing environments. Each series offers a range of lengths and tonnages. Anhui Yawei Machine can also custom design and manufacture a press brake to your exact needs.(www.ahycncs.net)

All our brakes are designed for high performance. Five key design features will increase your productivity and decrease your per part cost.

Design innovations based on our years of experience have resulted in faster and more accurate speeds on the ram approach, bending, return and back gauge positions.

█ Standard Equipments of China Anhui Yawei 2 Axis NC Metal Bending Brakes suppliers manufactures In china

• DELEM DA41S NC Press Brake controller

ESTUN Servo motor and drive of 2 Axis NC press brake bending machines made in china

  Ball screw and linear guide NC Press Brake back gauge

Motorized bending brake stroke

Motorized press brake back gauge with retract function made in china

Siemens key electric components

USA SUNNY Gear pump

China top level compact hydraulic valves

German EMB Pipe connector

• Amada type press brake quick change clamping system

Standard Amada or European press brake straight punch and Multi-V die

Wider working table with T slots

2 Units front support moved on T slots with located bolts

Technical Specifications of China Anhui Yawei 2 Axis Hydraulic Sheet Metal bending machines manufactures suppliers in china

WC67Y NC Metal Bending Machine 125T3200

Bending Power


Bending Plate Thickness

Carbon Steel 6mm

Bending Length


Distance between side frames


Y Axis Stroke


Max Ram Daylight opening


Throat depth


X back gauge stroke


Main motor power


Gross Weight




Delivery time: Within 25 days

Payment term: T/T, 30% down payment in advance and balance before shipment

Warranty: 18 months

Loading port: Shanghai, China

Certificate: ISO, special requirements for CE conformity

After Sales Service: 7*24 hours, quick response

Shipping Term: One 20 ft open top container

Installation Service and Training Service are all available if required

• Customers profile testing before shipment

 Main features of DELEM DA41S NC Press Brakes controller

The DA-41 control provides a complete solution for conventional press brake applications for 2 axes. Including the axes control for the press beam and backgauge and flexible I/O configuration, the state of the art electronics offers a versatile solution.

With its bright LCD display a clear and easy control is offered. The numerical programming, having angle, tool and material parameters on hand, can be done in a direct table overview. The bend parameters can be selected via a user-friendly cursor manipulation.
The axes control supports servo control, two-speed AC control as well as unipolar control. Depending on the application you can select either two-side positioning  as well as single side positioning with spindle fault elimination.

■ Bright LCD display
■ Beam stop control
■ Backgauge control
■ Angle programming
■ Tool programming
■ Retract function
■ Up to 100 programs
■ Up to 25 bends per program

Main Images of Anhui Yawei DELEM DA41S Hydraulic plate bending brakes China

DELEM DA41S Compact 2 Axis NC Press Brake Controller

China ESTUN NC Press brake servo motor and drive

Hydraulic Press brake bending stroke adjustment

Ball Screw& linear guide NC Press Brake back gauge Made in china

Hydraulic valves and Pump system for Anhui Yawei NC Press brake bending machinery Made in China

Amada Hydraulic press brake quick change clamping system

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