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30T Mini Press Brake Machines Yawei Manufactures in China

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This AHYW made China manufactures Yawei 30T mini pressbrake is Torsion Bar design, it's mechanical synchro for 2 cylinders adjusted by torsion bar device, this AHYW YAWEI made 30T smaller plate bending machine can bending 2.0mm mild steel plate or 1.0mm thick stainless steel , with max 4ft shorter metal plate bending capacity,standard Yawei China  AHYW  WC67K metal plate bending machine coming with ESTUN E21 NC 2 axis press brake controller made in China, ball screw&linear guide motorised back gauge.

 Standard configurations of AHYW China made Yawei 30T&4ft Mini hydraulic press brake machine

 Swinging Control of Y&X, 2 axis ESTUN E21 NC controller, ESTUN brand made in China

• Taiwan Shihlin requency inverter

 Motorized bending depth adjustment by 2 push buttons from the control panel with read-out

 Motorized ball screw back gauge with retract function

 Siemens key electric components

 USA SUNNY Gear pump

 China top level compact hydraulic valves

 German EMB Pipe connector

 Amada type top tool clamping with micro adjusting function

 Ball screw back gauge with shaft

 2 units finger stops with Multi stages design used one short and others for longer bending stroke, fingers have folding up feature.

 Standard straight punch and Multi-V die

 Wider working table with T slots

 2 Units front support moved on T slots with located bolts

 Side and rear safety guards

 Removable foot pedal with emergency stop button

 Hydraulic & Electrical overload protection

 Oil tank level indicator

  Technical Parameters  of AHYW  made  30T Yawei Mini press brake machine manufactures

Max bending pressure30TMax bending length1600mm
Max bending thickness2mm carbon steelThroat depth230mm
Daylight320mmY stroke100mm
 X back gauge stroke500mmMain motor power4.0kw
Gross weight1.6TDimension2300*1600*2000mm

  Main images of AHYW Yawei manufacture 30T&4ft Mini press brake machine

American brand 30T Mini NC Press brake Machine manufactures Yawei China

Side&rear safety fence for 30T Mini press brake machine manufactures

CE front infra-red guarding for Yawei made Mini press brake machine

Amada-EURO press brake top punch and Multi-V die Yawei manuifacture made in China

Ball screw&linear guide for Yawei Mini press brake machine motorised back gauge

Compact hydraulic valves for 30T mini press brake machine

USA SUNNY Pump torsion bar press brake machine

Oil capacity indictor on oil tank of 30T smaller press brake machine

Main features of E21NC press brake machine controller ESTUN made in China

Positioning control of back gauge

Intelligent positioning control

Unilateral and bidirectional positioning which eliminates spindle clearance effectively

Retract functions

Blade clearance, cutting angle display and control

Automatic reference searching

One-key parameter backup and restore

Fast position indexing

40 programs storage space,each program has 25 steps

Power-off protection

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