4m DA41 NC Hydraulic Press Brakes

4m DA41 NC Hydraulic Press Brakes
Product Details

4m DA41 NC Hydraulic Press Brakes Factory China

125T4000 Hydraulic Press Brakes suppliers china

DELEM DA41 NC Press Brakes manufactures in china

Main Features:
125T4000 Hydraulic press brake
 Bending pressure: 1250KN
Bending length: 4000mm

Side frames distance:3000mm

Max opening height: 420mm
X stroke: 600mm
Main motor: 7.5KW

DELEM DA41S NC Press Brake controller
China top brand hydraulic valves

Sunny hydraulic pump, USA Brand

ESTUN servo motor and drive system for NC press brakes
Ball screw and linear guide back gauge
2 pcs finger stopsand moving on linear guide
Amada type quick clamping for upper punch

Amada type upper punch with sectionalized length

Multi-V die for bending different thick metal

Max bending power:6mm*3000mm mild steel bending machines manufactures in china

Gross weight:7.5T

Approx. dimension:4500*1700*2400mm

Delivery time: within 30 days

Warranty:18 months

Shipping departure port: Shanghai


The following are some machine details:

DELEM DA41S NC controller for hydraulic press brakes, angle program function


European sash punch for press brake toolings manufactures china

Wila type manual crowning system for NC press brakes suppliers made in china

Ram guides, ensure stable and precise working

Torsion bar adjusting device of Anhui Yawei NC Hydraulic press brakes

Ball screw and linear guide back gauge of Anhui Yawei hydraulic press brake machines factory china

Hydraulic valves and pump of hydraulic press brakes

Rear view of Anhui Yawei 125T4000 NC Hydraulic Press Brake Machines