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This China Ahyawei WC67K NC Press Brakes 80T4500 is designed for bending rolling shutter door frames, mild steel door frame and stainless door frames are all available, normally the door frame thickness is within 1.5mm with max length 5m metal bending capacity, it need special top press brake tooling and single V die forming.

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█ Standard Equipments of China Ahyawei Rolling Shutter Door Frame Metal Bending Machines suppliers manufactures In china

• China ESTUN E21 NC Press Brake controller

• Taiwan Shilin frequency inverter

  Ball screw  NC Press Brake back gauge

 Motorized bending brake stroke

 Motorized press brake back gauge with retract function made in china

 Siemens key electric components

 USA SUNNY Gear pump

 China top level compact hydraulic valves

 German EMB Pipe connector

• Amada type press brake clamping system

 Standard Amada or European press brake straight punch and Multi-V die

 Wider working table with T slots

 2 Units front support moved on T slots with located bolts


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