AHYW 30T Mini Metal Bending Machine 4ft

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AHYW 30T Mini Metal Bending Machine 4ft Yawei made in China

AHYW 4 feet mini plate bending brakes 30T smaller bending machine

AHYW 40T mini hydraulic bender for 4 feet sheet metal bending machines Yawei manufacture China

AHYW Yawei 30T 4ft Mini Pressbrake manufacture made in China

AHYW 30T/40T mini 4 feet metal bending machine adopting NC E21 controller, with X&Y position function, ball screw and linear guide bending back gauge as standard configurations. Customer can bending different thickness steel plate with different lower die V opening.

If you are looking for one simple and easy operated 4ft mini hydraulic metal bending brakes machines from China, you will know this China AHYW WC67K Mini Hydraulic 4 feet bender,30T1600mm can bending 2.0mm or 2.5mm  thick mild steel plate, also you can bending 1.0mm stainless sheet metal with 4 ft max bending length, standard China Yawei 4 feet mini bending machine with ESTUN E21 NC press brake controller made in China, it can make position and program for 2 axis, bending stroke and X bending length, operator need to test the Y stroke before making program, it's one simple&easy NC metal bending machine controller made in China.

Main images of AHYW China Yawei made 30T/40T mini hydraulic short metal bending machines:

Also you can check the following link for AHYW 30T/40T smaller CNC metal bending, 4feet mini CNC bending machine:


AHYW Hybrid Press Brakes, 4 mtr sheet metal bending CNC brake press with Hoerbiger Eprax hybrid system;

hybrid 3mtr.jpg



AHYW 2 axis NC Mini Metal Bending Machines 4 feet Yawei made in China, if need more details for this Yawei Mini Hydraulic bending machines, please email us!

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