AHYW 3mtr Metal Bending Machines 125T

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AHYW 3mtr Metal Bending Machines 125T Hydraulic Pressbrake Yawei made in China

AHYW Yawei 2 axis 10 feet mild metal bending machines China suppliers manufactures

AHYW Yawei 10ft metal 2 Axis NC press metal sheet bending machines China suppliers manufactures

AHYW 2 axis WC67K-125T3200mm NC press brake sheet bending machines manufactures factory China

AHYW China Yawei made 3mtr sheet plate brakemetal bending machines manufactures

AHYW 10ft 3mtr  Yawei China sheet metal folding  machines manufactures

AHYW China Yawei 3mtr metal brake machines 125Ton manufactures

AHYW Yawei China made  10 feet metal sheet folding machines

AHYW Yawei  NC 2 axis torsion bar brake press manufactures suppliers in China

AHYW China Yawei made ESTUN E21 nc 3m carbon steel brakes press bending machines manufactures

China AHYW WC67K NC 6mm mild steel metal bending machines factory suppliers

AHYW 125T3m sheet metal bending machine

125T3200 torsion.jpg

WC67K NC Metal Bending Machine 4Mtr/125T

AHYW WC67K NC Sheet Metal Bending Machines 3mtr/125T for 10ft steel plate bending

Amada standard 88 degree straight punch and Multi V dies for AHYW Yawei torsion bar metal bending machines

Standard front sheet support for Yawei sheet Metal Bending Machine for feeding material to bending area

China ESTUN made E21 2 axis NC sheet metal bending machines Yawei china workshop

AHYW 63T/80T bending pressure, 8 feet sheet metal bending brake machines Yawei china suppliers

China Yawei main products included AHYW NC plate guillotine cutting machines, from 4mm mild steel plate cutting to 40mm thick plate material cutting

AHYW QC12K NC swing beam hydraulic shears(fixed cutting angle) and AHYW QC11K NC(CNC)Variable Rake angle cutting guillotine shears

AHYW WC67K NC Pressbrake bending machines , 8ft&10ft sheet metal bending machines


CNC synchro pressbrakes with 3 axis, 4 axis, 6 axis, 8 axis CNC auto pressbrake backgauges


AHYW CNC Hybrid Press Brakes Yawei China manufactures



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AHYW CNC SYNCHRO PRESS BRAKES 4 Axes manufactures made in china

AHYW Yawei 4mm,6mm, 12mm, 16mm mild steel plate cutting guillotine and plate bending press china manufactures

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AHYW Yawei sheet metal working machinery manufactures made in china!

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