AHYW 3mtr NC Brakes Press 2 Axis

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AHYW 3mtr NC Brakes Press 2 Axis Metal Bending Brakes Yawei manufactures China

AHYW 2axis nc pressing bending machines Yawei suppliers China

AHYW 3mtr sheet metal bending brakes made in China

AHYW 10feet metal bending pressing brakes Yawei made in China

AHYW DELEM DA41S 2 axis nc pressbrakes Yawei machines

AHYW Servo drived brake press bending machines made in China

AHYW metal bending angle programable pressbrakes China

Standard Configurations of AHYW WC67K NC Brakes Press-125T3200 with DELEM DA41S servo drived 2 axis controller which standard coming bending angle program functions.

DELEM DA41S 2axis NC pressbrakes controller, up to 100 programs and 25 steps for each programs, which it's good ennough for normaly sheetg metal bending brakes


DA41S features.jpg

AHYW 2 axis nc pressbrake standard with ball screw and linear guide

ball screw.jpg

AHYW DELEM DA41S NC pressbrake controlle with fingers moving on linear guide functions.


AHYW Optional Manual Hydraulic Crowning table(included 3 pcs compensation cylinders mounted on lower beam)

AHYW Manual adjusting crowning valves for Manual Hydraulic Anti-deflection table

AHYW designed Euro-Amada type cnc pressbrake quick released clamping

AHYW Standard Euro-Amada cnc brake press 88 degree Sash punch and 2V quick change lower die

AHYW Torsion bar designed with mechanical force for parallelism of 2 cylinders

Standard China top level hydraulci valves and USA SUNNY pump FOR AHYW COMPACT NC PRESSBRAKES

AHYW NC pressbrakes 100T3m with ESTUN E21 2 axis controller made in China

AHYW NC pressbrakes 125T4m with ESTUN E21 2 axis controller made in China

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AHYW won't let any customer to wait professional solutions for you sheet metal bending jobs!

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