Atlantic 160T3M AHYW Yawei Press Brake E21

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Atlantic 160T3M AHYW Yawei Press Brake E21 Estun metal bending controller

AHYW Yawei 2 axis 160T3M Atlantic Metal Plate Bending Machine made in china factory

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Atlantic WC67K NC Press Brake-160Ton3m, manufacture in China Yawei AHYW factory, professional sheet metal hydraulic bending machines and metal sheet cutting shears suppliers in China, if you are looking for one metal cutting machine for 6mm mild steel cutting with 3m length, or sheet metal 6mm plate bending with 10ft length, our Yawei AHYW WC67K 160Ton3m and QC12K-6mm*3m will help lot for your metal fabricationg job.

160T3M NC Press brake Atlantic 3m sheet metal bending machine AHYW Yawei

█ Standard Configurations for Atlantic Yawei AHYW 160T3M sheet metal plate bending machine factory china:

• Swinging Control of Y&X, 2 axis ESTUN E21 NC controller,

• Taiwan Shihlin Frequency inverter

• Motorized bending depth adjustment

• Motorized ball screw&linear guide back gauge with retract function

X&Y axis positioning and programmable NC controller china ESTUN made 

AHYW Yawei china made Atlantic 6mm sheet metal cutting shear, 8mm mild steel plate guillotine,

10mm sheet emtal guillotine shears,12mm sheet metal hydraulic shears, 16mm steel plate guillotine shears china factory, 3m,4m,6m&8m sheet metal cutting machine made in china ahyw yawei atlantic factory for HACO Belgium European standard 3m hydraulic guillotine shears and press brake bending machines

AHYW Yawei China factory can offer  all kinds of Atlantic NC brake press and CNC brakes press, 2 axis torsion bar bending machine to 3 axis, 4 axis, 6 axis, 8 axis Synchro CNC brake press with full auto options, CE safety bending standard can be made according different configurations,3m,4m,6m,8m&10m,12m Large sheet metal bending machines .

01, AHYW Atlantic Yawei 100T3200 Atlantic 2 axis nc brake press with servo motor&drive, metal bending angle enter directly to get target bending angle

02, AHYW Yawei PBH Atlantic 4 Axis cnc brake press for 4m metal bending delem da58t

03, AHYW YAWEI PBH PBA 160T3200 CNC Brake Press 6 Axis for 10ft sheet metal bending, DELEM DA58T


05, AHYW Yawei PBH  8 Axis cnc press brakes DELEM DA66T Touch screen controller

06, AHYW Yawei PBH PBM Hybrid Press brake 4Mtr metal bending delem da58t 2D graphical full touchs creen controlelr

07, AHYW Yawei PBM EPrAX Hybrid Press Brake 6 Axis 3m160T Italy made ESA S640 DSP MCS Laser Guarding CE Bending safety

CNC Hybrid Press Brake machine is the latest high technology generation of Synchro press brake design, thanks to German Hoerbiger ePrAX Electro Hydraulic Hybrid system design. 

Eco-friendly, 65% energy saving, Accurate,Fast, Quiet, Efficient, Durable

This systems is the consistent further development of servo driven press brake systems 

from HOERBIGER. Hybrid press brake machine using one variable speed servo 

motor pump to drive&control real position and bending pressure in time 


AHYW Yawei PBM PBH Main Electro Hydraulic structure of Hybrid Press Brake Machines:

AHYW Yawei PBM PBH Hoerbiger ePrAX hybrid system mounted directly on top of Y1&Y2 cylinders;

valves, pump,servo drive and oil tank are compactly integrated in the ePrAX.



1, Y1 servo hybrid, including tank, servo drive and valves

2, Y2 servo hybrid, including tank, servo drive and valves

3, Italy Phase servo drive for Y1&Y2 hybrid system

4,Y1&Y2 cylinders

If you need more details for AHYW Yawei Atlantic shears and press brakes technicial specifications or configurations, email us for fast response. (Wechat 0086-15955558219)

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