Yawei 6M Large Hydraulic Press Brake Machines

Yawei 6M Large Hydraulic Press Brake Machines
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Yawei 6M Large Hydraulic Press Brake Machines Manufactures in China

Anhui Yawei Machine(www.ahycncs.net) is one professional bigger 6m hydraulic press brakes and hydraulic guillotine shearing machines suppliers in china, included 160T6000, 200T6000,300T6000,400T6000,500T6000,600T6000, 800T6000, 1000T6000 with different NC and CNC press brakes controllers, Yawei 6m large press brakes standard with hydraulic crowning system.

ESTUN E21 Professional press brake controllers made in china

2 Axis NC controller press brakes

Siemens main electrical components

USA SUNNY hydraulic pump

Compact, low maintenance hydraulic valves

Ball screw NC Motorised back gauge

NC motorised bending depth program function

Standard Amada type press brakes clamping system made in china

Amada type top and bottom press brake toolings suppliers china

Foot pedal controlled

Three bending speeds

Bending stroke adjustable

The following device is designed professional for adjusting manual hydraulic crowning pressure

here have hydraulic valves and hydraulic pressure gauge display, can adjust the pressure according

to different sheet metal bending capacity

Welcome customers all over the world send your sheet metal bending requirements to export@ahycnc.com,

included all kind of hydraulic guillotine shearing machines and hydraulic press brake machines.

More than 10 years sheet metal machines export experiences and 30 years metal fabricating machines manufacture in china.

Your trust, quality sheet metal machines supplier in china.