Ahyawei 6m Large Sheet Metal Guillotine

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Ahyawei 6m Large Sheet Metal Guillotine factory forsale made in china

Ahyawei 6m large sheet metal guillotine cutting machines manufactures suppliers

Ahyawei 6m big heavy duty metal plate shearing machines manufactures China

China Yawei 6m metal sheet hydraulic shears cutting machines factory

China Yawei 6m large sheet metal guillotines manufactures

Ahyawei 6m large metal plate cutting machines factory made in China


If you are looking for 6m, 8m, 10m large sheet metal hydraulic guillotine, Ahyawei has many options for your sheet metal fabricating requirements, we have 4mm to 40mm mild steel&stainless steel metal cutting machine, common side is 4mm,6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm thick stell plate cutting, max cutting length from 2.5m to 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m longer sheet metal cutting capacity. Ahyawei metal cutting machines included hydraulic fixed cutting angle shears and variable rake angle guillotine, you can choose which one is better for your sheet metal cutting job.



China Ahyawei 10mm mild steel plate cutting shears, fixed cutting angle, 6m metal plate cutting length


Ahyawei 8mm&6m large sheet metal plate guillotine cutting machines and metal plate bending machines made in China


Ahyawei 12mm mild steel plate cutting shears manufactures, China Yawei 6m large metal sheet cutting guillotine


4mm mild steel&carbon steel plate cutting shears manufactures factory made in China


Ahyawei 6m large Variable Rake Angle metal guillotine, hydraulic power, motorised blades clearance adjustment made in China, 8mm mild steel metal cutting capacity, 4mm stainless metal plate cutting guillotine

guillotine shear106000.jpg

Ahyawei 10mm carbon steel plate variable rake cutting angle type guillotine, 6m large china yawei sheet metal guillotine factory

126m guillotine shears.jpg

China Ahyawei 13mm mild steel metal hydraulic guillotine shear, you can cut 13mm carbon steel, also can cutting 6.5mm stainless steel with Max 6m metal cutting capacity


China Ahyawei 16mm mild steel hydraulic guillotine shears manufactures, 16mm carbon steel cutting, 8mm stainless steel plate cutting, 6m large sheet metal hydraulic power shears factory



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Ahyawei 20mm thick mild steel heavy duty plate guillotine, 6m bigger sheet metal guillotine cutting shears made in China


Ahyawei 25mm mild steel plate cutting guillotine factory for sale made in China, 6m large hydraulic power guillotine

12mm stainless steel plate cutting shears factory made in China


Ahyawei 16mm mild steel sheet metal cutting shears factory forsale China, 8mm stainless metal cutting guillotine

Ahyawei 8m large metal plate guillotine shearing machines manufactures suppliers made in China


Ahyawei 12mm mild steel sheet metal guillotine shears manufactures factory in China

Ahyawei 10mm large sheet metal guillotine suppliers manufactures made in China

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Anhui Yawei Machine Tool is one of the best professional China manufacture 6m large CNC hydraulic press brake machines and metal sheet guillotine shearing machines, sheet metal working machinery suppliers, factory website: www.ahycncs.net

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