AHYW 16mm Thick Metal Guillotine Shears 10ft

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AHYW 16mm Thick Metal Guillotine Shears 10ft sheet cutting machine yawei made in China

AHYW 16mm sheet metal shearing machines Yawei supplier China

AHYW 10ft metal sheet guillotine shears China factory

AHYW 3m variable rake guillotine shears for cutting 16mm mild steel plate

AHYW 8mm stainless steel plate cutting shears Yawei china factory

AHYW 16mm carbon sheet metal shears Yawei china

AHYW QC11K Sheet Metal VR Guillotine shearing machine Yawei china

AHYW Hydraulic VR Guillotine metal shears using ball screw and linear guide back gauge with motorized power, ESTUN Made E21 NC shearing controller can make go to position functions for sheet metal cutting length, metal shears operator just need to enter the target position of back gauge and cutting times, the metal guillotine shears back gauges will run automatically to the trarget position, then metal guillotine operator depress pedal down and get the cutting job done.

AHYW QC11K NC Hydraulic Guillotine Shear is one simple and high performance metal cutting shears, can increase your metal fabricating shop's producttivity and cutting material edges, motorized cutting gap will help operator using reasonable cutting gap to get better cutting results.

Cutting capacity AHYW QC11K Hydraulic Guillotine Shear-16*3200

16mm carbon steel plate cutting

8mm stainless steel palte cutting guillotine

3m&10ft  sheet metal cutting length

Cutting angle: 0.5-2 degree

Motorised ball screw and linear guide NC back gauge for AHYW 16mm&10ft Sheet Metal Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

CNC Central lubrication system for mechanical moving points

ESTUN China made E21 NC controller, go-to-position function

Cutting stroke and cutting times program functions

40 programs storage space,each program has 25 steps

Power-off protection

Cutting pressure gauge and Return pressure gauge for AHYW 16mm&3mtr Sheet VR Guillotine Metal Shears

Germany Bosch Rexroth hydraulic Valves for AHYW 3mtr Metal Guillotine Shearing Machines

16mm heavy metal cutting machine, Front support table with heavy rollers  feed material easily to cutting area

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 Any special requirements for cutting 6mm,8mm, 12mm&16mm, 3mtr,4mtr or 6mtr large Yawei China manufactures Hydraulic sheet metal guillotine cutting machines and metal bending brake machines from China factory, email us!

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