AHYW Yawei 6mm HGS CNC VR Guillotine Shear 3m

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AHYW Yawei 6mm HGS CNC VR Guillotine Shear 3m sheet metal cutting machine suppliers

Chian Yawei HGS 6mm CNC 3m Guillotine Shear ESA S625 Italy made 4 axis  cnc guillotine controller

AHYW China Yawei made 6mm HGS sheet metal guillotine shear suppliers ESA S625 Italy cnc guillotine

AHYW China Yawei 3m HGS variable rake guillotine shear 6mm cutting machine manufactures

China Yawei made 6mm 3m sheet metal HGS cnc guillotine shear Italy ESA S625 factory forsale

China HYW Yawei 6mm HGS CNC VR Guillotine Shear suppliers

Italy made ESA S625 cnc sheet guillotine shear 3m metal steel cutting machine 6mm

AHYW Yawei HGS 13mm*3m sheet metal variable rake CNC guillotine shears, Italy made ESA S625 Touch screen  controller

China AHYW Yawei 13mm mild steel plate VR Guillotine shears manufactures factory 

Standard equipments for AHYW YAWEI HGS  6mm 3m cnc sheet metal VR guillotine shear china supplier manufacture

Italy made ESA S625 full touch screen CNC Metal Guillotine Shear controller Or DELEM DAC360 4 axis cnc guillotine shear controller


Easily adjustable with scale blade gap setting system for precise cutting and long life blade’s

Movable controller arm for Yawei cnc metal Variable Rake Guillotine Shear

Roller bearings on the table to help feeding sheets to the machine easily


Welded monoblock heavy steel frame using rigid structural steel produced with modern manufactured methods

Automatic, CNC controlled motorized back gauge 600 mm range (stroke) with ball screw&linear guide system


CNC controlled Programmable back gauge, with retract function


Prevents scratching of the sheet with ball on the table

Pressure adjustable Hydraulic sheet holder system, protect sheet parts when cutting process


Cylinders, processed as precise from solid full material and made honed .


Pistons, processed from forged steel, hardened, grinding is done, and chrome-coated.


CNC controlled Guillotine Shear Automatic cutting angle adjustment operation

CNC controlled Guillotine Shear Automatic blade gap adjustment operation

CNC controlled Guillotine Shear Automatic stroke adjustment operation

Adjustable bottom blade holder provide high precise robust set for long life blade

Adjustable cutting length, increase speed number of stroke for short parts


High Quality alloy material bottom and upper blade for long life Bottom Blade 4 edges, Upper Blade 4 edges

Schneider-Telemechanique electrical components, with ventilations electrical cabinet

Foot pedal stand suitable for serial cutting operation and setting blade adjustment


Front support arms 1000mm, with scale and flip over stops in T slot


Oil tank level indicator Stroke hits Counter


Optional rear pneumatic sheet support for 6mm mild steel metal guillotine shearing machines, this device is especially for cutting thin plate 0.5mm to 4mm sheet metal, which support will follow with cutting actions, can ensure better cutting performance

Pneumatic sheet support for shear.jpg 

Pneumatic sheet support equipment, one cutting action or 2 cutting actions of Pneumatic sheet support


Optional CE rear light curtain guarding with reset function Yawei Euyropean Italy UK HGS 3M CNC sheet metal Variable Rake Guilotine Shear made in china manufactures suppliers

CE Light curtain guarding for Yawei AHYW CNC  sheet metal guillotine shear ESA S625 controller

Front feeding table with CNC controlled auto feeding axis to sheet metal cutting area

• Sheet conveyor system (with or without stacking system)

• Sheet support fingers in backgauge

• Return to Sender function

With the Return-to-Sender-Function you will get a quicker economical return of your shear and you are able to cut more ergonomically. The support system can be further equipped with a Return-toSender-Function, which provides the 
following advantages:
1. Return of the blanks
The cut blanks are returned to the shear table at the front of the shear. The operator does not have to walk around 
to the back in order to retrieve them: a strong ergonomic advantage. 
2. Prevent sheet marking
Having the blanks return to the shear table prevents the cut sheets from being damaged.
3. Reverse cutting
With the return-to-sender support system, it is possible to use the backgauge as a frontgauge. The blanks to 
be cut would then lie on the support arms behind the blade. 
There are two advantages to this:
a) Narrow strips can be cut in a torsionfree manner.
b) Pre-punched sheets can be very accurately cut into strips without any built-up tolerance• Scrap separator (with or without sorting flap)
• Sheet handling system
• Extended backgauge range
• Pneumatically hingeable backgauge
• Moveable finger guard
• Safety light guard instead of mechanical finger guard

More technical specifications for AHYW Yawei HGS 6mm&3m cnc sheet metal guillotine shear ESA S625 Italy Guillotine controller made in china suppliers factory, leave us one message!

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