AHYW Yawei 9M Large Metal Guillotine Shear

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AHYW Yawei 9M Large Metal sheet CNC Guillotine Shear made in china factory

China Yawei made HGS 9M large sheet guillotine shears AHYW suppliers

AHYW Yawei 9m galvanized sheet metal guillotine cutting machine china suppliers

AHYW Yawei 4mm Galvanized longer sheet cutting shears roof building industrial machinery

AHYW Yawei 9m long sheet metal cutting Guillotine QC11K E21 Shears controller

China Yawei made AHYW 9M variable rake sheet metal guillotine shear cnc controlled cutting angle, cutting gap

9m Aluminum Cutting, 9m galvanized sheet metal cutting roofing material, 9m Galvanized Gutter, 10m galvanized Flashings metal cutting shears china suppliers


█ Standard Equipment of China Yawei made AHYW HGS 9mtr Large Galvanized Metal Plate Guillotine Shears Cutting Machines:

• ESTUN E21 NC Controller, can program and go to position function

• Taiwan Shihlin Frequency inverter

• Cutting angle adjustable, manual adjust cutting angle according to different plate thickness

• Motorized NC blades clearance adjustment

• Siemens main electrical components

• Five units standard front support

• Fast and powerful back gauge with 800mm cutting stroke

• Back gauge lifting system to ensure you cut longer plate than back gauge stroke

• Heavy rollers on cutting table to hold heavy cutting plate

• Top blade 4 cutting edges, bottom blade 4 cutting edges

• China top level compact hydraulic system

• Removable foot pedal with Emergency stop button

Options for China AHYW Yawei 9m HGS Galvanized Sheet metal Guillotine shears suppliers manufactures

Italy ESA S625 full touch screen cnc metal guillotine controller

CNC controlled cutting gap adjustment for Yawei HGS 6m CNC Guillotine

CNC controlled cutting angle adjustment Yawei HGS 6m CNC Guillotine

CNC controlled cutting stroke adjustment Yawei HGS 6m CNC Guillotine

CNC controlled cutting back gauge with Japan Panasonic servo motor and drive Yawei HGS 6m CNC Guillotine

DELEM DAC360 3-4 axis CNC sheet metal cutting shears controller

CNC controlled front feeding axis with DELEM DAC362S controller

Auto Pneumatic sheet support with 2 or 3 steps cutting actions, especially for cutting 0.5-4mm thin plate, which ensure no deformation after cutting action with narrow cutting strips

Germany Elgo P40T CNC VR Guillotine shears controller

Cybelec Touch 6 or Touch 8 CNC guillotine controller

Hydraulic Auto anti-twist system, A series of hydraulic cylinders pushing up the material being cut while the beam is moving in down stroke, minimizing or eliminating the twisting effect when cutting narrow strips less than 10 times material thickness. Cylinders holding the cut material up when cutting narrow strips.

China AHYW Yawei HGS QC11K 10mm*6m stainless steel plate CNC Guillotine cutting machines factory manufactures ESTUN China E21 NC Shears controller

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AHYW Yawei china made 16mm*6m sheet metal VR CNC  guillotine shears suppliers factory ESA S625 AUTO cutting gap auto cutting angle made in Italy 3 axis cnc Guillotine shear controller

AHYW Yawei china made HGS CNC 16mm*8M Large sheet metal CNC variable rake guillotine shears suppliers factory DELEM DAC360T

China AHYW Yawei HGS  20mm*6M thick carbon plate metal cutting CNC  guillotien shears machines suppliers manufactures DELEM DAC360T

Yawei AHYW china HGS 25mm*6M  mild steel plate sheet metal CNC guillotine shears china suppliers factory DELEM DAC360T full touch screen controller auto cutting angle auto cutting gap

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