China 12mm 4m CNC Guillotine Shear DAC360T

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China 12mm 4m CNC Guillotine Shear DAC360T AHYW Yawei manufacture

China Yawei made 12mm mild steel 4m metal cutting shears DELEM DAC360T controller

When you consider to buy one sheet metal cutting shears, you will be always consider cutting thickness, cutting width, Max cutting length capacity, final cutting edges; If you want to get better cutting edges, cutting gap and cutting angle need to be set properly; AHYW Yawei VR CNC Metal Guillotine Shear standard design with vertical cutting action, 2 hydraulic cylinders mounted on top of guillotine ram,  the main feature of this CNC Guillotine Metal  shear allows for correct blade cutting angle and  blade s cutting gap every time when the metal shears activated. When you load the sheet material, and then specify the type&thickness of said material in the cnc shear control, the CNC controller will automatically set the cutting angle and cutting gap for the exact material type,classification and thickness. Yawei china AHYW HGSK  have thickness cutting capacities between 6mm to 25mm mild steel cutting capacity;  ¼" to 1" shearing thickness,  and sheet cutting lengths from 8 feet to 30 feet. All kinds of sheet front feeding&rear support  accessories are available upon request.   

China VR CNC Metal Guillotine Shears Designed to be the world’s most heavily-built guillotine plate shears, Adjustable hold downs are liberally place all across the cutting length, but are closer together at both ends, which can ensure sheet metal can be fixed hardly before guillotine cutting action.

AHYW China Yawei HGSK 12MM 4M CNC VR Guillotine shear Delem dac360t

Main Features of China Yawei made AHYW HGSK 4 AXIS CNC Guillotine Shear for cutting 12mm mild steel with 4m cutting length:

DELEM DAC360T 7 inch full touch screen controller

CNC controlled auto Guillotine cutting angle adjustment

CNC controlled auto Guillotine cutting gap adjustment

CNC controlled auto cutting shears stroke adjustment

CNC controlled auto cutting back gauge program and positioning fucntion

CNC central auto lubrications

Japan Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motor controlled for the powerful cutting back gauge

Top level hydraulic system design and reliable components

Reliable Gear Pump running with lower noise

Front heavy duty working table with metal rollers for cutting material sliding easily

Italy made ESA S625 4 axis cnc auto controlled guillotine shear controller, DELEM DAC360T&DAC362T

full touch screen metal shears

DELEM DAC362T 5 axis cnc guilotine metal shear controller especially suit for metal shear features 2 axis gauges, included front feeding gauges and rear support back gauges

Metal Shear CE rear safety light curtain will give operator switch protection, shears cutting system will be stopped immediately when person break into shears cutting area.

Optional  Pneumatic single or double cutting action sheet support system is assuring the perfect gauging while entering the sheet into the machine as well as supporting during the cutting action. Normally adopted for cutting 0.5-4mm thin metal plate. Material Zinc cutting, stainless steel plate cutting and Aluminium sheet cutting applications.

Optiional Hydraulic anti-twist cutting device, included several cylinders mounted on lower beam, it will lift up the narrow material to be cut, ensure narrow material won't be deformed in the whole cutting action.

 Optional CNC controlled Guillotine Shear Sheet conveyor system (with or without stacking system)

More details required or special cutting requirements for 12mm&4m sheet metal cnc guillotine shears, email us or Wechat directly!


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