YAWEI 3M Hydraulic Metal Guillotine Shears

YAWEI 3M Hydraulic Metal Guillotine Shears
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3M Hydraulic Metal Guillotine Shears

Yawei 6mm Sheet Metal Cutting Machines

Variable Rake Angle sheet metal cutting machinery, made in Yawei,China

Yawei NC Hydraulic metal plate cutting machine can be used in mild steel cutting,stainless steel cutting,aluminium sheets plate cutting, carbon plate cutting.

Standard with E21S NC controller, cutting times and X cutting stroke are controlled by E21S

Quick blades clearance adjustment

Rake cutting angle adjusted according different thick sheet metal plate cutting

Sheet metal cutting machine with pneumatic sheet follower, which can ensure better thin metal sheet cutting.


10FT, 6mm CE Hydraulic sheet metal guillotine shears

Yawei Sheet metal cutting machines included NC Hydraulic Swing beam shearing machine and

CNC Hydraulic Rake Guillotine shears.