AHYW 6mm 3m Sheet Plate Guillotine Shears Yawei

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AHYW 6mm 3m Sheet Plate Guillotine Shears Yawei made in china factory

AHYW Yawei 6mm 10ft Sheet Metal Cuting Shears made in china factory

AHYW Yawei 6mm Hydraulic 3m swing beam shear Machine made in china factory

AHYW Yawei 3m hydraulic swing beam shear for 6mm metal cutting china manufacture

AHYW Yawei 6mm carbon steel plate CE Approved cutting machines made in china factory

AHYW Yawei 3m sheet metal guillotine 6mm cutting shearing machines china manufactures

QC12K AHYW Yawei 10ft sheet metal cutting shears 6mm guillotine made in china china factory

AHYW Yawei 6mm 3m Hydraulic Metal Shear E21S

This Yawei 6mm*3m metal shear features 1.5 degree fixed cutting angle design, suitable for  cutting Aluminium, Mild Steel, Galvanized Sheet, Thin Stainless Steel with Max 3m cutting length, it can cutting 6mm mild steel plate, or 3mm stainless plate and 8mm aluminium sheet plate, AHYW swing beam shear has easy cutting gap adjusting due to cutting different thickness metal material.

Motorized powerful Metal cutting back gauge can be positioning and program with Estun made E21S easy cutting NC shearing controller.

china made ESTUN E21S Hydraulic Metal Shears 6mm 3m cutting machine

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine coming safety standard, E-stop installing on front, rear and console side, front cutting finger protection, hydraulic or electrical overload protection. Optional CE rear light curtain gaurding suit in UK, Italy Germany Euroepan sheet metal cutting industry.

Sheet Metal Shear is the most common cutting machine in steel plate  fabrication workshop, it's execute simple&easy cutting operation, top&bottom blades is running up&down cutting action with hydraulic powerful cylinders, reasonable cutting gaps help better cutting edges results, NC positioning&program cutting controller can determine shearing flanges to meet your metal jobs.

Metal Shears  hydraulic hold down cylinders can ensure material won't move around before&in cutting processing; thin material like Galvanized 0.55 to 3mm sheet can consider optional pneumatic sheet support on back gauge, especially the cutting width required wider, longer thin material maybe drop down a little in cutting action, thin material will be deformed. Pneumatic sheet support system can be followed with cutting action to support material down.

Optional longer square arm 1.5m,2m,3m for longer sheet feeding&positioning

Optional Variable Rake Angle 4 axis CNC Guillotine Shears with Italy made ESA S625 Guillotine Controller, DELEM DAC360T, DAC362T 5 axis CNC Sheet Guillotine Shears with dual front&rear positioning gauges


Italy made ESA S625 cnc sheet guillotine shear 3m metal steel cutting machine 6mm
 DAC360T DELEM 4 axis cnc metal guillotine shear controller

DELEM DAC360T Full touch screen cnc guillotine controller, features

CNC controlled Auto shears Cutting back gauge position

CNC controlled Auto shears cutting angle

CNC controlled Auto shears cutting blades gap

CNC controlled Auto shears cutting stroke

CNC controlled front feeding gauges requires DELEM DAC362T Dual gauges 5 axis cnc guillotine controller

AHYW Yawei 6mm 4m guillotine metal shears with front feeding table ESA S625 DELEM  DAC362T  china manufactures

In AHYW Yawei China Professional Metal Machine factory, you can find the best metal machinery cutting&bending solutions, included

NC compact Hydraulic Shears from 4mm to 25mm metal material, cutting length up to 8m

NC&CNC  1 axis to 5 axis Guillotine Shears, Max cutting thickness 50mm mild steel, 12m longer sheet shearing capacity with all professional metal cutting auxiliary device

NC compact traditional torsion bar pressbrake basic metal bending applications, sheet bending capacity from 30T to 800T

CNC controlled Synchro Servo Press brakes, 3 axis, 4 axis, 6 axis, 8 axis cnc pressbrakes with full optional ranges cnc metal bending devices, 3m bending, 4m bending, 6m bending, 8m bending, up to 4000T12m single&longer sheet bending capacity

AHYW Yawei CNC Hybrid Press Brake, only using Germany Hoerbiger ePrAX Servo Motorized Pump for high speed, energy saving bending applications.


CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines, 1kw,3kw, 4kw,6kw,8kw laser 3m,4m&6m cutting sheet, up to 12m metal laser cutting, Aluminium,Galvanized sheet, Stainless&Mild Steel Laser Cutting Machines 

More details or technical parameters required, email us or Wechat&WhatsApp Online! Looking forward to talk  with your sheet metal cutting&bending profiles!

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