AHYW Yawei 3mtr Metal Cutting Shears

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AHYW Yawei 3mtr Metal Cutting Shears manufactures China

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AHYW 6mm mild steel plate cutting guillotines China Yawei

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AHYW Wholesale QC12K NC Hydraulic Shears manufactures China

Thuis AHYW Yawei made QC12K NC Hydraulic Shear-6*3200mm can cutting 6mm mild steel&carbon steel plate, also youn can shearing 3mm stainless steel with 3m&10 feet Max material cutting capacity, if your metal cutting material is sheet aluminium, then shear 8mm for your jobs.

AHYW QC12K models are swing beam designed by Anhui Yawei factory, standard QC12K metal shearing machines with fixed material cutting angle, which means shearsing machines always keep same cutting angle between  you cutting 3mm mild steel and 6mm mild steel.

Quick cutting blades gap adjustment, cutting material thickness determines different blades gap  to be used.

Standard NC shearing machine controller can make go to position functions, shears operator can make multi cutting program according to shop cutting jobs. Cutting times also display and programable with E21S NC metal shears controller made by ESTUN in China

 Standard Equipment of AHYW Yawei China made 6mm sheet metal cutting shears 3mtr sheet cutting capacity:

• E21S NC Controller, can program and go to position function

• Taiwan Shihlin frequency inverter

• Fixed cutting angle design

Cutting times count with read-out

Return by nitrogen gas

Siemens electric components

Three standard front support

Automatic, digital controlled Motorized back gauge with ball screw&linear guide

Easily adjustable with blades gap setting for precise cutting and longer using life

Roller bearings on working table to feed sheets to the cutting blades easily

Hydraulic sheet hold down system, holds the sheet in place during cutting process

Simple and easy blades gap adjusting device

Top blade 2 cutting edges, bottom blade 4 cutting edges

China top level hydraulic valves

USA SUNNY Gear pump

Front finger protection guards

Standard rear plate slipper

Removable foot pedal with Emergency stop buttons

Oil tank indicator

 Technical Specifications of AHYW Yawei QC12K 6mm mild steel plate cutting shears, AHYW Yawei 3mtr&10 feet metal sheet cutting guillotine shearing machines manufactures factory China

QC12K Metal Cutting Machine-6mm×3200mm

Max.Cutting thickness

6mm mild steel plate cutting machine

Cutting Length


Cutting Angle

1.5 degree

X Back gauge Stroke


Stroke Times


Throat depth


Main motor power


Gross Weight




Main imagess of AHYW  Yawei 6mm&3m NC Sheet Metal Guillotine Shearing Machines manufactures Suppliers factory In China

Quick cutting blades gap adjustments for AHYW Yawei QC12K 6mm metal guillotine shear machines

Throat depth safety fence and front shears operator fingers protection guard

Ball screw&linear guide motorised NC hydraulic shears back gauge AHYW Yawei 6mm sheet cutting guillotine China manufactures

Min&Max sheet cutting stroke limit protection of AHYW 3mtr metal sheet cutting shears

Standard rear slide plate for cutting material down QC12K 6MM NC Hydraulic powered shears AHYW Yawei offering

China compact hydraulic valves for AHYW Yawei made sheet metal shears cutting guillotines

USA SUNNY pump for AHYW Ahyawei sheet metal shearing machines China factory

Cabinet, Siemens main electrical components for AHYW Yawei sheet metal shearing mahcines

Hydraulic&electrical overload protection

Which machines are you looking for? Sheet metal cutting shears and sheet bending brakes pressing machine?

AHYW Sheet metal cutting shears included AHYW QC12K NC swing beam shears , AHYW QC11K NC variable rake guillotine shears and CNC Variable rake guillotine shears.

AHYW Yawei machine china factory can make 4mm,6mm,8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20,25mm mild steel plate cutting shears with different NC&CNC controllers, metal cutting length covered from 2.5m to 12m large metal cutting capacity.

AHYW also have many metal brakes pressing machines for your sheet metal bending jobs, many options like you need!!

NC Yawei pressbrakes.jpg

Any interesting in this AHYW Yawei NC press brake machines 3m sheet bending?

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