AHYW Yawei 6Mtr Metal Shears 6mm Cutting Machine

Product Details

AHYW Yawei 6Mtr Metal Shears 6mm Cutting Machine made in china factory

AHYW Yawei 6mm sheet metal shearing machine for 6m steel plate cutting china manufactures

AHYW Yawei 6m sheet steel plate cutting shears made in china

AHYW Yawei 6mm hydraulic sheet metal shears for 6m metal cutting machine china factory

China Yawei made 6m or 20ft sheet metal cutting machines manufacture suppliers

AHYW Yawei 6m sheet metal guillotine cutting shears china factory

China Yawei made QC12K-6*6000MM NC metal cutting shears can cutting 6mm mild steel plate or 3mm stainless metal sheet, or 8mm Aluminium sheet plate with Max 6 meter sheet cutting capacity.

China made positiong NC metal cutting controller E21

Motorized Ball screw and linear guide cutting back gauge with 800mm stroke

Programmable back gauge has 0,1 mm positioning tolerance and retract features

Fixed Sheet Metal cutting angle design

Quick adjusting for blades cutting gap

Front feeding table with rollers which will be  easily for material feeding to cutting area

Standard rear material slipper down after cutting action

Motorised ball screw and linear guide NC back gauge for AHYW Yawei 6m sheet metal cutting shearing machines

Optional Pneumatic sheet support which normally adopted for cutting 0.5-4mm thin metal plate

Optional rear pneumatic sheet support for 6m sheet metal cutting machines, this device is especially for cutting thin plate 0.5mm to 4mm sheet metal, which support will follow with cutting actions, can ensure better cutting performance

Pneumatic sheet support for shear.jpg

back gauge.jpg

Optional CE light guard,IR rear safety protection for China Yawei 6m Sheet Metal Cutting shear Machines

optional rear CE light guard.jpg

Front feeding table with CNC controlled auto feeding axis to sheet metal cutting area

• Sheet conveyor system (with or without stacking system) for Yawei 6m sheet metal cutting machines

AHYW Yawei china made 9m Variable Rake Cutting Angle CNC sheet metal cutting machines manufactures

China Yawei made 9m large sheet metal cutting shears, 9m CNC sheet metal guillotine shears made in china Yawei factory 

AHYW Yawei china made 9m sheet metal guillotine cutting shears manufactures

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