Yawei 6mm Hydraulic 4m Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

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Yawei 6mm Hydraulic 4m Sheet Metal Cutting Machine made in china factory

AHYW Yawei 4m hydraulic swing beam shear for 6mm metal cutting china manufacture

China Yawei 6mm carbon steel plate cutting machines

AHYW Yawei 4m sheet metal guillotine cutting shearing machines

Yawei 13ft sheet metal cutting shears 6mm guillotine china factory

This 6*4M metal shear can cutting 6mm mild steel plate, or 3mm stainless plate and 8mm aluminium sheet with Max 4m cutting capacity, standard QC12K series shear design with fixed cutting angle design, cutting gap can be easily adjusted by manual adjusting wheels.

Motorized powerful Metal cutting back gauge can be positioning and program with easy cutting NC shearing controller.

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine coming safety standard, E-stop installing on front, rear and console side, front cutting finger protection, hydraulic or electrical overload protection.

CE Euroepean standard safety light curtains guarding as options.

Germany P40T full touch screen with Japan servo system can ensure auto cutting gap for sheet metal shears.

Yawei 3m sheet metal cutting shears with NC position controller made in china ESTUN E21S

AHYW sheet metal guillotine cutting machines hydraulic hold down system for Yawei 4m Guillotine

hold down.jpg

AHYW metal hydraulic shears top quality cutting blades Yawei made in china factory


Front feeding table for Yawei 6mm sheet metal cutting shears 4m guillotine Yawei made in china

front sheet support.jpg

Optional Equipments of AHYW 6mm *4m hydraulic cutting shears

CNC auto controller  (bladegap,stroke) OPTIONS Automatically stroke, blade gap adjustment by CNC

Controller Cybelec Touch6 or Delem DAC310 (automatically calculations according material type and thickness, cutting lengths ). Pneumatic sheet support system for cutting thin metal sheet(0.5-4mm)

Adjustable Angular Gauge for cutting angle parts 0-180˚

Front Finger Protection Openable 1000 mm,Special Throat 500mm


More details required for AHYW Yawei 3m,4m&6m hydraulic shears, leave us one message!

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