AHYW Metal Shears Next to Pressbrakes

AHYW Metal Shears Next to Pressbrakes

Shears, the first cousin of the venerable press brake, are commonly referred to as the “back bone” of the sheet metal fabricationg  workshop one thing is identical in each operation: they all fabricating with sheet metal material. Sheets of this, sheets of that, every type and size of metal that can practically be cutting and bending, sometimes forming with special metal forming tools on pressbrake, comes in a sheet. That makes the metal shear a pretty popular sheet cutting tools around a shop of any sheet cutting size.

When compared the metal sheet cutting shear to (of all things) a band saw! What’s the connection there? In the fab shop, the sheet shear is typically the first machine to touch the material as it was received from the mill, right? You have to cut down the sheet of material to the needed part size to proceed with the production process. Likewise, in the chip making business, where either solids or tubes or shapes are being cut, the band saw is the first machine to touch that industry’s raw material. So, although they both do drastically different things, in a way they are the same, as producers of the first cut part in the production process.   

Sheet metal guillotine, metal sheet guillotine, metal shear, metal shears, sheet metal shears, shearing  machine. People from all walks of life call the venerable old shear many different names, but they all mean the same thing to cutting sheet metal material with ideal sizes.

AHYW Yawei Chian manufactures  offerings of all kinds  of shearing machines, included AHYW QC12K NC swing beam shearing machine with metal fixed cuting angle. AHYW QC11K Variable Rake Guillotine shears woth variable cutting angle.

Normally we recommend metal cutting users to use swing beam shear when cutting under 12mm thick metal material, then use Variable sheet shears to cutting material over 12mm thick, as Variable rake guillotine shear making vertical cutting, will get better cutting performance when cutting thick sheet material.

If you are looking for one Sheet Metal Shears, Sheet Metal Guillotine, Sheet metal cutting shears, anyname you called, just want to cutting metal material , you can email us, we can send you our best offer.

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