Bending Productiivity Wila Pressbrake Tools

Bending Productiivity Wila Pressbrake Tools


WILA introduces New-Standard-beeldmerk Premium Tool Holders for top and bottom Tooling, based upon a unique  –patented– Self-Locking clamping mechanism. Tools are clamped using air pressure.  The main advantage of this approach is that tools can be clamped and unclamped extremely fast. Tool segments are clamped and positioned individually using clamping pins, which are, in turn, controlled via special plungers. This unique system further increases the speed of tool changes and results in significant increases in productivity. 

These Self-Locking New-Standard-beeldmerk  Premium Clamping Systems (NSCL-II-SL/UPB) as well as the New-Standard-beeldmerk  Premium Bottom Tool Holders (OB-II-SL/UPB) are especially well suited for smaller - often electrical - press brakes and press brakes with automatic tools change (ATC).  


The WILA TIPS system is an integrated part of the press brake control system, and helps to identify tools and to continuously read their position. The tools are localized and identified irrespective of whether they are located in the upper clamping, lower clamping or storage system. 

Because the tools can be read with great accuracy, the TIPS system is able to indicate if the correct tool is being used, if the length of the tool is correct, and what should be the exact position of the tool in the clamping system. This detailed information helps to eliminate errors as well as test bends, which means activities become faster and more efficient. This results in significantly improves productivity. 



The Smart Tool Locator® (STL) is the perfect solution for improving press brake productivity. The Smart Tool Locator® (STL) is an intelligent slide rule with built-in LED’s which shows exactly where tools must be placed in the Tool Holder. The Smart Tool Locator® (STL) shows which bending process will take place, whereby the operator can easily perform the activities in an efficient manner. This helps to realize significant benefits in speed, precision and convenience. 

The Smart Tool Locator® (STL) is suitable for all hydraulic New-Standard-beeldmerk Tool Holders for punches and dies. 

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