Common Troubleshooting of Shearing Machine

Common Troubleshooting of Shearing Machine

Nowadays, hydraulic shears are widely used, which brings great convenience to the application of industrial industry. The application of hydraulic shears is also an epoch-making technological improvement and optimization, which not only greatly improves the work efficiency, but also plays a perfect role in the operation of the whole society. Because of the long-term work of hydraulic shears, there will be some problems more or less. What are the common faults of hydraulic shears, and how can we eliminate them?

1. Common failures of hydraulic shears are:

(1) The oil pipeline can not be built up under pressure, and the tool holder can not move;

(2) The return of the upper tool holder is slow or unable to return to the top dead point, and the sequence of action between the upper tool holder and the pressing cylinder is inconsistent.

(3) The hydraulic system can not work properly.

There are many reasons for the hydraulic shears not working properly, mainly as follows:

1. Poor contact between plugs of electromagnetic commutation valve and electrical appliances

2. The solenoid reversing valve spool is stuck or brushed by debris and does not move.

3. There are impurities in the sealing ports of each spool of the combined valve, but they do not play a sealing role.

4. Blocking of Throttle Holes in Combination Valve

5. Elimination of insufficient nitrogen pressure in nitrogen cylinder

Troubleshooting method for hydraulic shears after failure:

1. Inspection, disassembly and cleaning of electrical plugs

2. Use the hardware alarm function of NC system: the alarm light can judge the fault.

3. Make full use of the software alarm function of CNC system: CNC system has self-diagnosis function.

4. When a fault occurs, the parameters of the CNC system should be checked in time. The change of the parameters of the system will directly affect the performance of the hydraulic shears, and even cause the failure of the hydraulic shears, so that the whole machine can not work.

5. Replacement of spare parts: When the fault of hydraulic shears is analyzed and it is found that it may be a circuit board couple fault, the spare parts can be replaced, and the fault circuit board can be determined quickly.