ESA S600 series full touch screen pressbrakes controller

ESA S600 series full touch screen pressbrakes controller

Italy made ESA CNC pressbrake machines controllers;

The new S600 lines full touch screen CNC pressbrakes controller Included :

ESA S630 10 inch CNC pressbrakes controller with touch screen

ESA S640 15 inch CNC pressbrakes controller with touch screen

ESA S650W 15 inch CNC pressbrakes controller with touch screen

ESA S660W 19 inch CNC pressbrakes controller with touch screen


* Remote support for the entire range:


The remote diagnostics service is available for the entire range of S600 Esa CNC. It allows

the manufacturer to determine the cause of faults in the machine installed with the end customer and to change the cnc settings so as to restore optimum operation.

* Technologies handled:


Shearing machines, Conventional press brakes, Synchro single-cylinder and twin-cylinder press-brakes, Hammerle press-brakes, Electrohydraulic (hybrid)


and Electrical press-brakes, Rolling presses, Profile bending machines


* Dynamic Crowning:

”Run time” and the deformation to which the machine


is subjected when bending, are detected by strain gauges or potentiometers.


Deformation is immediately compensated by means of CNC-controlled hydraulic cylinders.


Thus, the resulting bend is always perfectly linear.


* Multi Tandem management:


Use of a can bus line for exchanging data between one CNC and the next allows tandem and multi tandem press-brakes (up to 4 machines


in line) to be created without complex I/O exchanges and without requiring any synchronizing device.

Each CNC “sees” the optical scales


of the other machines so as to perfectly synchronize the rams in every processing phase


* Measurement of bending angles and relative “Real time” compensation:

S600 series Esa CNC interface


with the most sophisticated bending angle sensors. Not only can our CNC detect bending errors,

but also (if the machine allows)


correct the bend without the workpiece having to be removed from the machine.

Springback of material can also be compensated. Our CNC equipped with Personal Computers


can host Data M governance software for optimizing cycle times and costs

if this type of sensors are used.

* Plc programmable by manufacturers:


All our CNC are equipped with an Open Plc to allow manufacturers to develop special machine functions on their own. Languages available:

IEC 61131-3 or “C”


* Automatic bending sequence Optimizer


Draw the workpiece profile using the simple “touch design” cad and leave the CNC to find


the best bending solution and check for collisions… Choose one of the solutions proposed

and start bending…


* Bending angle correction database


Deviation from the programmed angle is acquired by the machine as each bend is made,

per type of material and its dimensions.


This value is stored for future uses, for the purpose of improving precision and reducing waste.


* Accessories available:


Usb or wifi/bluetooth keyboards, Wila LED bar


or similar to indicate the workstation to be fixtured and/or use for bending, usb or wifi electronic goniometer for automatic angle correction, remoting of operator interface on Tablet.

* Offline programming:


There's a PC application that allows you to program and graphically check your work while sitting comfortably in your office. Once you've completed the program, it can be transferred to the machine's CNC via usb or ethernet.


* Loading and Unloading Robot management:


Our cnc can handle a Cartesian loading and unloading robot. This is achieved using the same CNC that equips the press-brake, with obvious cost and reliability benefits.


Anthropomorphical robots can also be governed us-ing a CNC interface supplied by the most well-known robot manufacturers.


* Safety PLC integration:


The 600 series supports the most widespread safety plc. Data are exchanged

via serial line or ethernet.


* Automatic measurement of metal plate thickness:


Sensors located on the machine allow the CNC to measure the thickness of the metal plate and to automatically correct the bend

as a consequence.

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