How To Choose Correct Hydraulic Metal Shears

How To Choose Correct Hydraulic Metal Shears

There are two kinds of shears most commonly used in modern enterprises, one is hydraulic swing beam shears, another  is hydraulic Guillotine shears. Many company can not determine the type they need when purchasing shears, so they should first understand the difference between the two kinds of shears, in order to determine which kind of machine is more suitable for themselves.

First of all, the shearing precision of the VR Guillotine Shear is higher than that of the swing beam shears.

First: Take 20*4000 swing beam shears and vertical guillotine shears as examples: the design clearance between swing beam shear and guillotine shear is less than 0.05mm.

but the clearance of bearing connection between swing arm and swing body of swing beam shearing machine can not eliminate the accumulation of clearance and edge clearance. The error of shearing accuracy is generally more than 0.12mm. The rear guide rail of the tool holder body of the Variable angle guillotine shears is Supported by 4 large bearings, the front guide rail is compressed by two bearings with compression springs at the back, so that there is no clearance between the front and rear guide rails, and the accuracy error of adding clearance and blade clearance is kept below 0.05mm. Therefore, the shear material is more smooth and burr-free.

Secondly, the cutting beam of swing beam shears is arc, which guarantees the straightness of shearing material by point contact of arc, while the cutting beam of VR Guillotine shear moves vertically and linearly relative to the lower blade to ensure the small straightness of shearing plate distortion more accurately.

Thirdly, because the force point of the cutting beam and the blade are not in the same straight line and far away, the long-term working rear cutter holder is prone to fatigue and deformation, and the phenomenon of knife making is more serious, resulting in the cutting material part of the incision with the edge.

Because the cylinder, the cutting beam and the blade are in the same straight line and move perpendicular to the lower blade, the VR Guillotine metal shears are not easy to deform.

Choose also depends on your main areas of work, cutting material, mild steel, Aluminium, stainless steel plate.

Normallt above 10mm metal cutting thickness, it's better to choose VR Guillotine Shear.