Hybrid Press Brake Technology

Hybrid Press Brake Technology

In the early 2000's a new technology for driving the press brakes ram emerged: Hybrid Technology. Hybrid drive systems in press brakes is somewhat like that of a hybrid car. There is a mix of electronic and hydraulic systems that allow the machine to be much more responsive while maintaining a higher degree of accuracy than a traditional hydraulic press brake system. Reducing cycle times by 30% or more while maintaining a high degree of accuracy these systems.

Germany Hoerbiger has launched ePrAX Hybrid system

Germany Hoerbiger ePrAX CNC Hybrid Press Brake machine is the latest high technology generation of Synchro press brake design, thanks to Germany Hoerbiger ePrAX Electro Hydraulic Hybrid system design. 

Eco-friendly, 65% energy saving, Accurate,Fast, Quiet, Efficient, Durable



AHYW Main Electro Hydraulic structure of Hybrid Press Brake Machines:

AHYW Hoerbiger ePrAX hybrid system mounted directly on top of Y1&Y2 cylinders;

valves, pump,servo drive and oil tank are compactly integrated in the ePrAX.



1, Y1 servo hybrid, including tank, servo drive and valves

2, Y2 servo hybrid, including tank, servo drive and valves

3, Italy Phase servo drive for Y1&Y2 hybrid system

4,Y1&Y2 cylinders

These hybrid electric machines positioning accuracy demand a tighter tolerance and more precise tool and thus require precision-ground tooling as well as a large clamping area (like New-Standard style Wila tooling) for any kind of assured repeatable performance.

Other advantages of Hybrid ePrAX Press Brakes:

  • Green. Up to a 60% energy savings while in standby and a 45% savings during forming with a likely total of  60% savings over one hour with 15 press cycles. That’s a very big deal when you are looking at saving energy and operating costs.

  • Quiet: when it’s in standby mode and not moving, the hydraulics are not running

  • Oil (Less - well almost): A great benefit is the reduction in size of the hydraulic oil tank.

  • Accurate: Because each side of the Hybrid  press brake is independently operated by its own hydraulic system, It is an on demand direct drive system. It’s very fast, accurate and repeatable.

  • Safe: Most hybrid machines are incorporating a great deal of safety into their designs including interactive light curtains, Lasers and other features to improve operator safety while also decreasing the part processing time.

  • Affordable: While still not the least expensive option, the Hybrid brake technology allows for a more efficient design and therefore a system costing less than some if its full electric counterparts.

  • Flexible: Large Range of Tonnages available