Hydraulic Pressbrake Machine Maintenance

Hydraulic Pressbrake Machine Maintenance

Safety instructions and maintenance

The operator and maintenance personnel shall carefully read, understand, and strictly follow this instruction.

  1. The bending force on the work piece shall not be more than the machine nominal force;

  2. For durable application of the die, never damage it as a result of improper width of the plate bent, especially, the pressure on work piece shall be reduced appropriately during bending narrow plate to ensure the load on each meter of length less than the parameter in from.

    The plate load form

Length of the operating table(mm)



The load of plate<



  1. Select suitable die orifice as per the depth of plate to be bent, which is generally equal or more than 8 times of the width of plate. The bending force on the workpiece can be obtained from the plate bending table (Figure 18)or the formula for calculating the bending force.

  2. the plate to be bent shall be placed in the middle of machine, and the machine shall not be loaded on one single side, so as to avoid any influence on the accuracy of workpiece and machine. If it is needed to bend the workpiece on one single side, its load shall not be more than 1/4 of the machine nominal force, moreover, both sides shall be bent simultaneously so as to solve the single-side loading problem Fill the hydraulic oil N32-N46 into the oil tank. The oil used in the first time shall be replaced after 3 months, followed by 1-2 times each year for repacing. Normally, the operating oil temperature is 15℃~16℃. It is required to frequently clear the oil inlet, and keep mesh oil filter smooth in oil suction, otherwise, the oil pump will suck air and cause vibration in the pipeline.

  3. Stop the slide block at the upper limit of machine while regulating the stroke of slide block (see Figure 3,4), and srart the block regulating motor to move the block up and down, with its maximum regulating distance 120mm. Therefore, always continuously observe the indicating of stroke counter. The block regulating motor will automatically stop if it exceeds 120mm.

  4. Keep the machine clean, periodically lubricate all lubricating points, and check the oil level in the tank . Furthermore, necessary to stop the machine for check if there is any abnormal condition appearing during operation.

    7.  The inclined iron at the top of upper die is just used for regulating the gap between the upper and lower dies. The gap between the upper and lower dies shall be regulated uniformly and reasonably priorlower dies. The gap between the upper and lower dies shall be regulated uniformly and reasonably prior to using the machine, so as to achieve consisten bending angle on the workpiece in full length.
    8.  Regularly inspect the machine.