Lazersafe CNC Pressbrake Guarding IRIS

Lazersafe CNC Pressbrake Guarding IRIS For Yawei AHYW China sheet metal pressbrake bending machine

IRIS is the most advanced combination guarding and image processing system ever developed for OEM press brake applications. The technology within the IRIS system’s hardware and software has been specifically developed to enhance press brake performance to levels never before possible.

One of the most significant developments is RapidBend Ultimate technology that now enables pressbrake tools to close in high speed until the pinch point, irrespective of the machine’s stopping performance. This effectively reduces the speed change point to 0mm to eliminate slow speed travel and significantly improve cycle times. This 0mm speed change works with flat sheets and also box profile parts. When bending box shapes, IRIS compares the flange dimension in the CNC bend program and optically verifies the actual flange height during fast closing. The system then automatically blanks the forward sensing zone without the need for stopping and requires only a single pedal press per cycle. This function has received special CE Certification and is exclusive to Lazer Safe systems.

IRIS also features advanced BendShield technology. When a new bend program is started, the CNC can automatically initiate IRIS to perform a tool scan. The optical system scans the punch to detect the profile and size of the tool, then automatically aligns the protective zone relative to the tool tip. As the name implies, BendShield envelops the punch tip with a complete protective zone to provide optical protection below and around the tool tip. BendShield also has a Special Tools Mode that automatically detects any size and profile of non-v tooling, then automatically configures the protective zone for optimal protection and performance.

To further enhance press brake performance, IRIS now includes Bend Speed Management. When active, the optical system measures the angular velocity of the material as it is being formed. Using a safe baseline velocity as a reference, Bend Speed Management enables the press brake to form parts at faster than 10mm/s when wider dies are used. Bend Speed Management has also received special CE Certification and is exclusive to IRIS systems.

IRIS is available exclusively for new press brakes from leading press brake manufacturers.