LVD Strippit ToolCell XT press brake

LVD Strippit ToolCell XT press brake

LVD Strippit has introduced ToolCell XT, an automatic-tool-changing press brake with extended capacity to hold 50 percent more tooling than the original design. It is designed to bend small-batch/high-mix parts with high accuracy and with minimal changeover time. The large capacity of tools housed within the press brake provides the flexibility to handle a variety of bending jobs, including complex layouts.

The press brake holds a maximum total tool length of 17,280 mm for punches and 40,320 mm for dies. Extra toolboxes are integrated on both sides of the machine. Tool changes are quick, following an optimized tool-change path. Automated tooling setup eliminates manual tooling adjustments.


ToolCell XT provides all the features of the standard ToolCell plus 50% more tooling capacity for greater flexibility to bend small batch – high mix parts with high accuracy and minimal changeover time. All tools are held within the machine’s integrated tooling warehouse. Tool changes are automatic, fast and precise. LVD’s Easy-Form® Laser system guarantees the desired angle from the first bending operation.


  • Automated tool loading and unloading

  • Extra-large tooling warehouse inside the machine

  • Intuitive Touch-B touch screen control

  • Optimised tool change path

  • LVD's Easy-Form® Laser adaptive bending system

  • Precise tool positioning

  • Fully integrated with LVD’s CADMAN® software suite

  • Equipped with Lazer Safe safety system


  • CADMAN-B programming software

  • Second foot pedal

  • CNC sheet followers


  • ToolCell XT 135/40 (135 ton by 4000 mm)

  • Working speed up to 22 mm/sec

  • X axis speed up to 600 mm/sec (travel: 1300 mm)

  • Bend accuracy to +/- 0.3 degrees