Metal Vertical Cutting Guillotine Shears

Metal Vertical Cutting Guillotine Shears

Cutting Principle of Vertical Guillotine metal shears

The cutting process of shearing machine can be understood as plastic deformation of metal. The shearing process can be divided into two stages: the first stage is compression deformation, and the second stage is shearing slip. In the initial shearing process, after the upper blade contacts the sheet metal, the upper blade begins to exert shearing force on the sheet metal, and the upper blade begins to press into the sheet metal. Because the shear force in the initial shear stage is very small, and the shear resistance of the sheet is far greater than the shear force, the sheet can only undergo very small plastic deformation in the local area, which is the indentation deformation stage in the shear process. As the shear continues, the upper edge continues to move downward and the shear force gradually increases. When the shear resistance increases to greater than that of the sheet metal, the sheet metal is broken and separated. At this time, the sheet metal slips along the shear plane, which is the shear slip stage in the shear process. As the shear continues, the shear force becomes smaller and smaller. When the sheet is completely sheared, the shear force becomes zero, which is a complete shear process.

Features of Variable Rake metal guillotine shears

Hydraulic Variable Rake Guillotine  shears are characterized by inclined upper blade and driven by hydraulic cylinder.

Cutting action. When cutting sheet metal, the guillotine cutting beam moves in a straight line in the vertical direction, and the blade fixed on the upper tool holder moves horizontally in a continuous point contact with the metal sheet.

Compared with the hydraulic swing beam  shears, the hydraulic guilloitne  shears are in terms of structure, cutting  accuracy and product performance.

They all have some advantages:

1. Compared with metal hydraulic swing beam shears, hydraulic guillotine  shears use rectangular blades with four edges.

Each cutting edges can be used, which can get long using life.

2. Compared with the hydraulic swing beam shears, the cutting angle of the metal VR Guillotine  shears can be adjusted according to different thickness cuting material; It can effectively reduce the distortion of sheet metal, improve the shear quality and improve the shear performance of products.

3. Comparing with the hydraulic swing beam  shears, the upper cutting beam of the hydraulic metal guillotine  shears adopts an inclined structure, which is convenient.

In blanking, the swing beam shearing is used on the tool holder of the hydraulic swing beam  shearing machine, which results in a long cutting  force arm, which not only produces a certain degree of noise, but also causes serious machine tool wear and affects the shearing accuracy; while the vertical guillotine shear is used on the tool holder of the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, which adopts continuous point contact between the blade and the sheet metal, with less noise,high accuracy.

4. Hydraulic cylinder of hydraulic swing beam shears is built-inside of side frames, which is not easy to lubricate and repair; Hydraulic Guillotine  shears The cylinder is filled with hydraulic oil, no additional lubrication is needed.

5. Hydraulic system of hydraulic Guillotine shearing machine adopts integrated control system, which reduces pipeline installation and adopts sealing ring at clearance.