Motorised Backgauge For Sheet Metal Cutting

Motorised Backgauge For Sheet Metal Cutting

Every sheet metal shears, included mechanical shears, electro shears or Hydraulic shears should be have back aguge, which will measure the cutting metal size and position for cutting action, some old shears with manual back gauge, as shears operator need to feeding the material to cutting area with manual adjustable size, then proceed cutting action.

While now most of shears manufactures will adopt motorised back gauge as first design, as motorised shears back gauge have fast positioning and precise positioning function.

All AHYW Yawei made sheet metal shears, included swing beam shears or variable rake angle guillotine shears have motorised NC back gauge, operator just need to enter the target back gauge Value to X axis on NC controlelr, then shears back gauge will position in same value and operate need to feeding the sheet metal material to cutting back gauges.

Standard AHYW Yawei motorised back gauge with ball screw and linear gudie with higher accuracy positioning