Research and analysis on sheet metal processing equipment

Sheet metal production, software applications business management software, engineering and plant management software, simulation design software in three categories. Simulation design software applications up to 63% per cent, through the use of CAD/CAE simulation design software, enable efficient production lines, high reliability, and reduce the number of stamping process and mould, improve product manufacturability, material saving, so as to realize the objective of improving product quality and reducing costs. Engineering and plant management software for 25% and improve enterprise management software using the rate of production of sheet metal digital control and management efficiency is crucial in this regard should be the industry's attention.

Long-term survival in the manufacturing sector "low cost" are disappearing, quality gradually enhanced, sheet metal processing equipment as soon as possible automated and flexible development is the inevitable choice in the industry. Statistics, set of automation technology, information technology and production processing technology of flexible manufacturing technologies 14.5% per cent, to liberate people from the manual and machine synchronization, is the inevitable trend in the development of the industry. At present, the domestic industry as a whole is not high degree of automation and flexibility, complete line capacity needs to be improved, many companies have begun to focus on investment in research and development in this area.